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Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning Kenya class, I hope you have all had a lovely week so far.


This morning we are going to start by answering some questions about the story we have been learning about in Guided reading.

For Maths today we are going to carry on with our work on number bonds. If you click on the picture below then you can watch a clip about number bonds and do some quizzes:

English today is all about verbs. Verbs are doing words such as jump, wave, eat, run, walk, skip, sleep.


There is a PowerPoint for you to look at and then a video to watch (if you click the picture). After that, I’d like you to write 4 sentences about what you have done today using verbs in each sentence, for example:


I ate cereal for my breakfast. 

Phonics today is to watch another tricky word video and then complete 1 phonics sheet from your pack which you have left. 

Finally for Science this afternoon I would like you to watch this video all about signs of spring. We will be going on a Spring walk around the school field when we are back in school! 

When you have watched the video I would like you to write or draw or photograph any signs of spring which you can see in your garden, on a walk, out of your window, or just from the video you have watched. 

Have a lovely day.


Mrs Atkinson x

PS I am sorry I haven’t managed to record The Faraway Tree every day recently, today I have recorded 2 chapters for you. We have nearly finished this first book! Enjoy 🙂

The Faraway Tree - Chapter 22

The Faraway Tree - chapter 23