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Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday 13th January 2021


Great work yesterday everyone! I’m so pleased with how you all tackled those word problems - Keep up the fantastic work!

Saisha- Great French work today, you have shown good understanding! Excellent reading comprehension too, you’ve worked really hard to answer the questions fully!


Zayn- Excellent French work today, you are doing really well! Next step is to pronounce the words correctly!


Libby- You should be so proud of yourself for your times table work today, your confidence is improving all the time and it is great to see! Well done you super star!


Ruby I - Well done for completing some Daily 10 today, great work! Great reading comprehension too, you have answered the questions really well.


Ruby P - Excellent English work today planning your play-script. You have also answered the comprehension questions well too!         


Zahra - Really well done for trying so hard with your maths today, you have done a great job! Remember to check your work to make sure that you have not made any mistakes!


Jessica B - Great English work, you have thought through the plan well! Excellent times tables work too, you should be really pleased with yourself - you have made such a lot of progress with your times tables this year!


Reggie - You have done some great work today well done! Brilliant Maths too, 58 out of 60 is very impressive! See, you can do it!


Haaris - Great work today, your comprehension is very good and you have answered each question fully - well done! Super French work too!


Lewis - Yes, you do need a haircut - it’s almost as long as mine! Brilliant French work and reading comprehension too. Your skills are improving well!


Charlotte - Super French work, you have shown a really good understanding. Next challenge is to pronounce all the words beautifully!


Areeb - Excellent work as always! You are completing fantastic work at home every day and I can see you are trying so hard. Brilliant reading comprehension, you answered all the questions fully which is great.


Deimante - What fantastic maths work today! Your times tables are improving so much and I know how hard you try. You should be very proud of yourself - well done!


Oliver - Brilliant maths today and yesterday, your words problems show that you have a much better understanding now. Well done! Great French work too!


For maths today you are going to be revising your times tables to see how speedy (and accurate) you are! Find the sheet titled times tables revision - beat the clock and see how you get on. Don’t forget to let me know your time! 


When you are done, follow the link below to a website full of maths games for you to play. 

It has Daily 10, Hit the Button and lots of other games. I would like you to do at least 1 round of Daily 10, but the rest is up to you after that!

Beat the clock help


For reading today there are two sheets in your packs called The Town of Egarim and Dear Detective. These are called 60 Second Reads, they are designed to be short texts for you to read that will really help you with your comprehension skills!


Remember to use the text to help you. All the answers are in there, you just have to find them!


Have a look at the video below to discover what the secret detail is in our book. Did you find any other details that Barbara Lehman has included - let me know if you have!


Today we are going to focus on the play-scripts you looked at yesterday. We are going to plan our own play-scripts so that we can write them tomorrow and then perform them on Friday! Hopefully you can get someone at home on board to perform with you - I bet they’ll love that!


The part of the book we are going to focus on is the boy getting his medal at the end of the maze.


Have a think about planning:


- What the two characters are called

- How the scene will start (the boy might walk into the camera)

- Who will speak first

- What are each of the characters going to talk about (don’t worry about including everything, this is a plan)

- How will the scene end - the characters won’t just stand around to end the scene, the boy may exit from the scene or celebrate wildly!


Good luck! Don’t forget, this is just a plan so as long as you get some ideas down that is fine! You don’t need all the details yet.

The Big Secret Detail!


Excellent travail tout le monde! (Great work everyone!)

I am really pleased with the work you have been doing this week. I know lots of you have really enjoyed doing it, we will make sure to do some more before the end of term!


So far we have learnt how to say how we feel and the numbers to 10, try and practise every day to refresh your memory! It’s now time to have a look at how to say different colours in French. Fancy!

There are 2 sheets to complete today, one is called Les Couleurs and the other is Les Couleurs Crossword.


The colours are written underneath to help you.


Bonne Chance!