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Wednesday 13th January

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe we are already half way through the week?


I was so impressed with all your learning from yesterday - I particularly like how creative you were with your monster land maps!


I tried phoning some of you today - please let your parents know that I will be trying throughout this week, just to say hello and see how you are getting on.  I will be calling from a withheld number.  I know lots of people don't like answering these, but for the next few days I will try again.


Please remember if you have any questions about your learning just email the class address and I will get back to you either on here or by phone.


Enjoy your learning from today!


 Today you are carrying on your great work with percentages.

Yesterday you worked really hard on solving 1 step problems using all the skills you have learnt - today we are moving this on to multi-step problems.


Watch today's video from Miss Hart:


Year 6 % lesson 6

This is "Year 6 % lesson 6" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

You will need all the same skills.  It is even more important that you follow the steps to problem solving:

- read the question carefully

- highlight the important information

- solve the problem

- answer ALL parts of the question

- check your answer makes sense


Have a go at answering these questions:



Now I would like you to go back to your 4 operation packs.


Today you are going to develop your mental strategies.  Have a go at all 3 pages that go over mental addition.  If you need to make jottings you can - they may help you remember the numbers you need to use.


Your monster maps yesterday were fantastic - I'm glad you had fun doing them too laugh


Today I would like you to imagine you are going on adventure......and adventure to find the monster!


Use your map to write a detailed description of your journey.


Think about:

- what you will see on your journey

- what the land is like

- will you meet anyone on your way?

- how are your emotions?  Are you scared/ nervous/ excited?


Use descriptive language and make sure you give really detailed sentences.


Here is a reminder of the map from the pack for those of you who may not have had a chance to do your own:



Today we are going to have a go at something a bit is a mixture of music and movies!


Think about all the films you have seen where they create suspense when something scary is about to finding a monster!


The first part of this activity is to create your own musical instrument using recycled materials at home.  You could research how to do this or you may already have some great ideas. 

I'd make a drum out of a pringles tube, paper and an elastic band.  Dramatic drumming always makes me think something is about to happen!  You could make more than 1 instrument - have a whole family orchestra!


Then, I would like you to dramatically read your description of your map, using the instrument(s) to add suspense!


You could record these and send them in, then we can all listen to them!

Remember to go onto TTRockstars (I've set you a new challenge!) and MyOn.


Let me know what books you are reading at the moment.  You might like to give a recommendation - there might be other children in the class who would love to read them!


Have a great day and remember to send in pictures of your learning.


Miss Marshall xx