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Wednesday 20th January 2021

Yesterday, we met the main character of 'The Tin Forest'.  It was an old man. Take a look at this video.  It will show you the beginning of the book which was hidden and also help you with our learning today about descriptive writing.

In your packs you will find a sheet called The Tin Forest - Dream Description (it has today's date on it).  


Here is the picture from the sheet in full glorious colour:



Your task is to write a description of the forest that the old man dreams about.


Remember to include:

* Adjectives and descriptive phrases

* Fronted adverbials to help with interesting sentence starters.

* Include the senses - see, touch, smell, hear, taste (and character feelings)

* Well organised sentences that are well punctuated!


I am looking forward to reading your spectacular pieces of writing!

Make sure you spend time every day on myON reading books and taking quizzes for your AR target this term.


Click here to visit the myON website
(Remember that your login details are the same as AR)

Today’s lesson is about Fronted Adverbials.


In your packs, you will find a sheet called ‘Recognising Fronted Adverbials 1’.

Read the question carefully and remember to add in the correct punctuation



Click on this image, to watch a video on how to use fronted adverbials. You can also try out the different activities to help you practise the skills.





Today we are going to learning about perimeter.


So, make sure you have everything you need:

* A pencil
* Some paper
* Today's sheet from your pack - Measure Perimeter (it has today's date on it)


And then get ready for some learning with this video:

Here is the alternative version of today's sheet in case you are finding the one in your pack a bit tricky:

Today’s creative session is based on your English text ‘The Tin Forest’.

In your packs, you will find a sheet titled ‘Storyboard for The Tin Forest’.

You are tasked with creating a set of scenes based on the story so far.  Have fun creating the storyboards as you will be using it tomorrow to do something fun!





Answers and Solutions



Subtract Lengths (from yesterday's maths learning)

1a) 90mm     1b) 12cm

1c) 3cm longer      30mm shorter

2) 2m 50cm

3a) 20cm      3b) 132cm

4) 4m 22cm

5a) 150cm     5b) 65mm     5c) 7cm 5mm     5d) 4cm

6) 2m 5cm

7) Top row: 50cm + 100cm + 50cm

Middle: 1m 15 + 15cm + 70cm

Bottom: 35cm + 85cm + 80cm

Box Challenge) Annie can cut 30 lengths.

She has 60cm left.

She can cut 6 lengths of ribbon from this.