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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Yesterday, we read the extract of the story about Tirok and the mystery room.  If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you find it in your pack and read it now.


Today we are going to do some narrative writing and write the next part of the story.


Watch this video to get started and give you some things to think about:

So, it is up to you how you want the story to continue.  But, if you are stuck for ideas you could magpie my plan:

Here is the example that was written in the video.  Look carefully at the labels around the edge and see if you can include the same features in your own writing.

I look forward to reading your wonderful story writing!  I have set a 2Do on Purple Mash in case you want to type it and hand it in.

Make sure you spend time every day on myON reading books and taking quizzes for your AR target this term.


Click here to visit the myON website
(Remember that your login details are the same as AR)

Well done to all of you who completed the spelling sheet set yesterday. The answers can be found on the Answers and Solutions page.

In your packs, you will find the worksheet Punctuation and Capital letters.


  1. Read the instructions and edit the text with the correct punctuation and capital letters
  2. Abbreviations are a shortened version of word. Example is abbreviated to e.g. Telephone to tel.
  3. Your task is to choose an abbreviated word -tel. then find the whole word-telephone in the word search.

I look forward to seeing how you get on.


In Maths today we are going to be focusing on Subtraction.


Here is a video to get your maths brains switched on:

Maths - Y4 - Wed 13 Jan - Subtracting larger numbers

In your packs you will find a sheet called Subtracting larger numbers.  Calculate your answers carefully, and remember:

* Set out the numbers carefully with their columns
* Start with the ONES column
* No swapping digits around
* Exchange if needed
* Check your answer – does it seem like a sensible answer?


Then, for even more maths challenge you could have a go at this mixture of Addition and Subtraction questions.  You can print it out, but don’t worry if you can’t.  You just need a pencil and paper to be able to solve the answers.

And of course don't forget about this....!


Yesterday, you were set with the task of researching one of the Wonders of the World. Today you have the opportunity to design your own Wonder or the one that your researched.


Today is the planning and design stage, as next week you will get the opportunity to make it.


Design- Where will it be in the world? What will you call it? What will it be made from? (think of the materials you have available at home) What dimension (size) will it be?

Remember to annotate (label) your design so that it is clear what you will be doing.


Sun-made from yellow card

Pyramids made from brown cardboard.                                   Sand made from crushed cereal and glue/sand if available





Answers and Solutions