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Wednesday 20th January

Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday!


Again another fabulous day of learning yesterday - you should be very proud of yourselves!

How are you finding the learning about the heart?  It’s a tricky science topic but really interesting because it’s all about how our bodies work.


Have a great day of learning and make sure you give yourself time to get activities with our PE ideas.


 There was some great work on x by 10, 100 and 1000 yesterday.

Today you will be using similar skills to divide by 10, 100 and 100.

Remember the numbers always move around the decimal point - the golden rule is THE DECIMAL NEVER MOVES.

You can write out your place value to help you.


When you move on to your problem solving remember to show your place value and your working out.  

If you have numbers with different numbers of decimal places, you can use place holders to help you!


You will find these sheet in your packs:

For your second maths activity, you need the four operations pack from last week.


Today we are going to practice the order of operations.  This is one of the last things we did before Christmas and you were fantastic at it!


Just remember BODMAS

Brackets, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction

Always work out what is in the brackets first, then continue working thrugh the order of operations.


For example:

15 + (7x5)= 

15 + 35 = 50


The activity asks you to time yourself, but please do not worry about doing that - I would rather you took your time and completed the questions.


Please get out your booklets from your last pack.


Today you will be completing activities on prepositions.


Read the instructions and complete the activities:


At the start of the week we found out that the new book for this term was Treasure Island.


Yesterday you took notes on the author:  Robert Louis Stevenson.


Today you are going to turn your great notes into a factfile all about his life.


You might like to include:

- his picture

- subheadings

- interesting facts

- clear layout


Before starting you could have a quick look at biographies of other famous people and how these are structures.


Have fun and remember to use your great English skills!


Today we are continuing with our learning on the heart.

Yesterday you watched a video and labelled the different parts, today we are going to think more about how it works.

In your packs please find this sheet:

Read the information and complete both tasks.


You might like to re watch the video from yesterday to remind you of the features of the heart.




At some point today, head over to Miss Sexton's page - there is an extra maths challenge for you over there and I know she would love to hear from you!


Have a great day of learning and remember if you need any help please just email and I will reply on here.


I look forward to seeing your learning laugh


Miss Marshall xx