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Wednesday 24th February

Happy hump day to you all! I am very excited today as I am picking up my new glasses after school - I will show you what they look like tomorrow.


First of all, green pens at the ready to mark your work from yesterday. Some of those numbers were very confusing and I had to keep reminding myself to write the word and not the digit!


So maths today will involve you using more of your place value knowledge - what a good job you are so good at it now. You will need pages 10 and 11 today. You will have to round some numbers. Don’t forget when rounding a number, you need to look at the place value before; if you were wanting to round to the nearest thousand, you would need to look in the hundreds column. Don’t forget the other simple rule

4 or lower - stay the same

5 or higher - round up


More work on prepositions today! You will need to decide which is the most appropriate prepositional opener to start the sentence. Make sure you re-read the sentence after you have chosen the opener to make sure it makes sense!


 For todays lesson, you will need to watch up to 3 minutes and 30 seconds on the video below. Once again you have two tasks after watching this video.


First of all, update your story map with the new information that you have found out.


Secondly, you will be writing in role once again; this time you will be Long John Silver. You will find out through the video that Long John Silver will promise Jim something. Your task is to persuade Jim to take Long John Silvers deal.


In order to persuade remember to do the following

  • Emotive language
  • Give evidence/reasons
  • Power of three
  • Evidence from the story that will prove LJS’s point
  • Don’t forget you will be LJS so don’t forget 1st person

Treasure Island: The pirates parley and the black spot | BBC Teach

The Hispaniola is safely moored - Jim has seized it from the pirates single-handed.Jim makes his way back to the stockade, assuming he'll return to a hero's ...

Creative Learning

Today you are going to continue with your amazing persuasive techniques! You are going to create a holiday brochure to encourage people to visit your island (you will need the holiday brouchure template from your pack).

Think about reasons why people will want to visit your island. They could include

  • The location
  • The climate
  • Unique features of the island
  • Any landmarks (natural or man made)
  • Activities that visitors can do

You have done some persuasion this morning so use those skills. Also, think about holidays that you have been on. Why did you choose to go there? What stood out for you?


Have a great day and I can’t wait to see all of your learning today!


Miss Hart 🥸