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Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Hello Egypt Class! I hope you managed to go out and enjoy the nice weather yesterday, it made a change to see the sun!

I saw lots of great work yesterday and know there will be lots of super work sent to me today too!


Enjoy your day!


Libby - I loved the picture of you feeding the swans! I’m really pleased with your maths work too, I can see how hard you are trying and it is great! Well done!


Ruby P - Excellent work today, you have shown great understanding of bar charts already and your SPaG work was super too! Great work!


Charlotte - Great work today, you have really got the hang of statistics this week! You have shown super understanding in science and SPaG too!


Swettha - Well done for your maths work today, you have tried really hard! Great SPaG work too, you have used understood how to use adverbs which is great!


Austen - I really enjoyed reading your explorers tools guide, I’m pleased to hear you have been focused and working hard today! Great science work as well! 


Saisha - Brilliant science work, you have shown great understanding of different forces and I like the pictures you drew to go with the examples!


Areeb - Super maths work, keep your great knowledge of bar charts in your head for tomorrow as it will come in handy! Great SPaG work too!


Oliver - I liked looking at the pictures of you at Jeskyn’s today, it looked like you had lots of fun! Great maths and SPaG work too, you can use adverbs really well!


Ruby I - You have made a beautiful explorers guide to tools, well done for working so hard on it! You have included lots of great information about all the different tools which is fantastic!


Zahra - Well done for completing the maths work, you have tried really hard - great job! Super SPaG work too, you’ve been working very well today!


Jessica B - Well done for completing your SPaG work at school, I’m sorry that some of the pages seem to be missing 😖 I love the drawing of the penguin you did too!


Lewis - It looks like you have had a great day baking cookies and going to the park! Well done for completing your maths work, and for reading and going on TTRS too, good work!


Wow! A really fantastic effort from all of you yesterday with your pictogram work! You will need to use your knowledge to help you today.

We are still learning about statistics but we are moving on to bar charts. We haven’t looked at these before but fear not! The video below explains everything you need to know for today’s lesson to help you answer the questions.


For SPaG today we are going to be looking about adverbs. We have looked at adverbs before and you all did really really well, so I hope that you will be able to remember some of the things we learnt about adverbs before Christmas which can help you today.


An adverb is a word that describes a verb.

This means it is a word that describes how something is done, for example:


The girl creeped quietly around the kitchen.


The adverb in this sentence is the word quietly as it tells us how the girl crept.


Grab the sheet called Adverbs and have a go at the activities. If you need a reminder about adverbs, click the link below to watch a video about adverbs with some examples that can help you too.


Well done with your fantastic ideas yesterday, you all came up with some really good ideas! They are going to really help us today with our writing!


Today, we are going to use the ideas we came up with to write an “Explorers Guide to Tools”. In this guide we are going to telling the reader how to use the items we have listed on our plans.


For example, my plan was for a first aid kit, so I might write:


When going on an amazing adventure, it is essential that you pack a first aid kit! You will require one to make sure any cuts, bruises or scrapes that will inevitably happen on the journey are tended to. In my experience, when climbing a HUGE mountain, I stumbled and grazed my knee. Luckily, I had packed my trusty first aid kit and quickly put a plaster on the wound. This made sure the graze didn’t get dirty.


As you can see I have included a reason and example about why someone would need to take the item with them. Make up an adventure you might have gone on and used the item to help explain how important it is!


Now that we know what the different types of forces are (Push, Pull and Twist), we are going to look at two different ways these forces can be applied to something. We call these a Contact Force and a Non-Contact Force


- A contact force is when a force is applied by touching an object, for example: pushing open a door is a contact force because you have to touch the door to apply the force

- A non-contact force is when a force is applied without touching the object, for example: gravity is a non-contact force, as it pulls thing’s towards the centre of the planet without touching the objects.


Watch the videos below to get some more examples. Then for your task today, I would like you to draw and label 3 Contact forces and 3 Non-contact forces! Here’s one of each as an example:

Contact forces

Classification of contact and non-contact forces