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Wednesday 20th May

Wednesday 20th May 2020      20.5.20

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Maths Challenge Solution - Tues 19th May 2020

Today is a bit different to the other days! We are going to have a go at the arithmetic test in your packs. You’ve done plenty of work on the four main operations over the past few weeks so this should be easy as pie!


No challenge this week due to the test being quite a bit of work to do anyway!

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Sorry for the misprint on the sheet! You should have had some letters to help you but they didn’t print properly! Hopefully you had a good go!

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Hopefully you enjoyed the video from yesterday. A lot of very intricate and beautiful designs for the workings of the shirt machine sent in to me! Now today I would like you to use the design you made and now try to write an explanation of how the shirt machine works!


This can either be done as a set of instructions, with each step to working the machine being written. For example:


First, ensure that you have loaded your raw fabric into the disposal tray on top of the machine.

Next, press the yellow button. This will start the process of the machine heating up to an optimal temperature.


OR you can just write it as a description. For example:


The shirt machine is a wonderful thing. Using just a few scraps of fabric and a little bit of elbow grease you are able to create fantastic creations. You must ensure you first load your raw fabric scraps into the top of the machine, be careful not to put too much in!


Take your pick and have a good go!

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I don’t think I can make all of your movie nights, some of the times are clashing! Oh no!

Today have a go at designing and making movie tickets and reserved signs for the seats your family will be sitting in!


Maybe make them personalised based on the family members favourite colour, animal, food, game, film etc. See what creative designs you can come up with! Nearly time for the movie night!!