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Wednesday 27th January

Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday!


Today is officially chocolate cake day - did you see the picture of Bella's incredible baking yesterday in our photos?  It looked delicious!

There was also some beautiful writing from yesterday, it's lovely to see that you are putting just as much effort in at home as you would at school laugh


Here are your learning activities for today:




Today we are going to focus on problem solving skills.  

Over the last few weeks you have worked incredibly hard on understanding decimals - this has including finding their equivalents as well as developing a greater understanding of place value.


You are going to apply these great skills to solving multi-step problems from your pack.  


You will need to:

- read the Q carefully

- underline the important info

- decide on the number of steps

- decide on the operation(s)

- complete your working out

- check your answer makes sense


And always remember...….jottings save marks!!


You will need these sheets:

Some of these questions involve money.


Being able to use and understand money is a life skill that you will always need.


Your next activity for maths is also linked to PSHE because it helps to develop a skill you will always need - saving!


Head over to Purple Mash and complete the saving up planner activity.  You might like to do some research along with it so you can find out the cost of what you really want to save for.

Guided Reading:

There were some fantastic inference skills used yesterday!


Today you will need your Michael Morpurgo comprehension.


Again, read the information carefully and answer the different style of questions.  Always check you have actually answered the question, rather than putting random information from the text.


There were some incredibly emotional letters written yesterday - I nearly had to break out the tissues!


Can you remember what job Jim was told he would be doing on board the ship?


Watch the clip again to remind yourself:

Treasure Island: The Squire and the treasure map | BBC Teach

That's right, he is set to be the cabin boy!


Your task today is to research what the role of a cabin boy includes.  You can present this in any way you like.  It could be a mind map, a table, a paragraph of information...the choice is yours!


Things you might like to find out about:

- the job of the cabin boy

- the typical age of a cabin boy

- how long they might be away for

- how they helped around the ship

- other stories that have cabin boys



Yesterday you were given the task to research the jobs of the other organs in the body ready to complete your work on Purple Mash.  That day is today!


Use your notes on the different organs to complete your learning.  Remember to think carefully about the layout - you might like to use their pictures or import some of your own.

Think carefully about how you can use your good English skills to make sure you have good quality writing.  It is very easy to make sloppy mistakes when we type...I know I do!


Have fun and I can't wait to see them all!


Just in case you found it tricky to find out about some of the organs, this video might help:

BBC Learning - Major Organs of the Human Body

WONKY have written and animated a set of six educational science films for BBC Education. They are targeted at Key Stage 1 and explain everything from 'Parts...

Have a brilliant day and remember to send your earning in to the class email address.


Miss Marshall xx