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Wednesday 30th June

Good morning Kenya class!


I hope you all had a good Tuesday and enjoyed having a little dance, enjoying PE! 


This morning we are going to start with some phonics. 


Please click the correct link for the phonics group you are in and it will take you straight to a specific game I would like you to play today.


Mrs Atkinson’s group - Yes/no yeti

Mrs Beatty’s group - Alien escape

Mrs K’s group - Fishy phonics


For Maths today you are going to follow directions on the map below and write down where each set of instructions gets you! For example, if I start on the dark blue square and follow the first direction I have to go ‘forward 1 and left 2’ and that would take me to the pirate’s gun. 

You can write your answers on a piece of paper 🙂



We have another story to listen to today. It’s called ‘Supertato’. When you have listened to the story I’d like you to draw a vegetable superhero of your own and use adjectives (describing words) to describe what your veggie superhero can do! 

Bedtime Stories | Tom Hiddleston | Supertato | CBeebies

This afternoon, to go with our seaside topic we are going to be looking at some creatures who live in rock pools. Once you have learnt about the creatures you can either draw a picture of some of the rock pool creatures and label with their name, or write some facts about the different creatures you have learnt about.

I hope you have a lovely day today and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your wonderful work! 


Mrs Atkinson x