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Wednesday 30th June

Morning all!!


Don’t forget that we have our Zoom meeting today at 11 am - your parents will get a text about this this morning.


Here are the answers to yesterdays maths - if you didn’t get it right, have a look and see if you can identify where you went wrong!



So you watched a lot yesterday and got a lot of information about Passepartout and his trip to Bombay. Just like we did when Minli entered the city of bright moonlight, you are going to write a recount in role as Passepartout. You are going to think about how he felt, what he saw and how he felt about this. Don’t forget to use the 5 senses and the evidence that you have had from the text.

*Past tense

*5 senses

*Emotive language

*Chronological order

*Dramatic and descriptive


This afternoon please make sure that you are doing AR and TTR (only Tommy and Freya have gone onto AR and quizzed so far!)


I would then like you to finish your memory books on Purple Mash.You should have enough photos in there now, so you can just refine your writing and content. Then, when they are done we can print them off at school.


Don’t forget, meeting at 11.


See you there


Miss Hart 🤩