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Wednesday 30th June 2021

Good Morning Turkey Class,


I hope that you have all had a good start to the week. I will miss seeing your happy faces this morning and hearing all of your news. Thank you to Henry and Amelia for sending your work through, I can see that you have been working really hard.


Remember you can send your work through to us at -


We love seeing what you have been up to.


For English today, we are going to be thinking about traditional tales. Have a look through the PowerPoint about traditional tales - 

Then I would like you to pick your favourite traditional tale and draw a picture of it. After that I would like you to write about why it is your favourite traditional tale. I have written some sentences about my favourite traditional tale - 

See if you can include because in your sentences. Remember your capital letters and full stops too.


For Maths, we are going to be thinking about sequencing and different times of the day. Can you name the different times of the day? There is morning, afternoon, evening and nighttime. Have a look at the picture below - 

Talk to your adult about what is happening in each picture and then see if you can put them in an order in which you think the events would happen during the day.


Then see if you can answer these questions - 


  • What event would come first?
  • What event would come last?
  • Which events would happen in the morning?
  • Which events would happen in the evening?
  • If the creature wakes up at 8 o’clock, what time do you think he has breakfast?
  • What time do you think the creature goes to bed?


After that see if you can draw 6 events that happen in your day in order. See if you can label when they happen - morning, afternoon, evening, nighttime. For an extra challenge see if you can write down the time that they happen too.


For Phonics today, click on the link below for your group and complete the activity - 


Miss Pearce/Miss Hussain’s group - 

Click on the first link to learn about suffixes and then click on the second link to play the suffix game.




Mrs Beatty’s group - 

Click on the link and pick a sentence, read the sentence out loud and then see if you can use the words to make some new sentences.

Mrs Kay’s group - 

Click on the link below and play the phonics game.

In Topic we have been learning about the seaside. Today we are going to be learning about lighthouses. Have a look through the PowerPoint below - 

Then have a go at making your own lighthouse. Use your imagination to make your lighthouse. You could use junk modelling or building bricks or paper to create your lighthouse or you may have a fantastic idea of your own. Here is an idea to help you - 

Then have a look through the stories below and pick a story or two to listen to - 

Have a super day and keep being superstars.


Miss Pearce