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Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday!


To start a little message for your parents:


Hi parents!  Thank you so much for all your support with your children's learning, they are doing brilliantly!

I have a very small request....and I promise it is all in the name of maths laugh

Between now and Monday morning (08.02.21) please could you add a packet of smarties to your shopping for your child.  The small packs are absolutely fine, mine are the mini smarties.  If they don't like smarties then anything like jelly beans or skittles will also work great.  We will be using them for our maths on Monday and wanted to give you plenty of notice! 

Thank you,

Miss Marshall smiley


Remember to start your day off with some PE and enjoy our pirate themed story for the end of the day!


We are continuing with our converting measures today.


I know some of you found this a little challenging - remember you are moving the numbers around the decimal point, there is no need to use a standard written method, this will just leave you with more zeros than you know what to do with laugh

Please do email me if you would like more help with this.


Today you are going to be applying your conversion skills to calculations - remember to read the questions carefully, show your working out to spot mistakes and then check that your answers make sense.

Your second maths challenge for today is to go back to working on arithmetic skills.

In your backs there are 3 different sheets with pirate themed mosaics on them - today you will be doing the first one.

You can use paper to do your working out.  If you have an answer and there isn't a colour for it, then it is likely you have the answer wrong so go back and check...….every square will be a different colour by the time you have finished.

Let me know what picture you get!

Guided Reading:

The poem yesterday was pretty tricky but I can see you all worked hard to answer the questions.


Today you are going to apply your knowledge of the circulatory system from Science to your Guided Reading.


You will need this comprehension from your pack:

Read the information carefully and answer the questions in full sentences.

You can underline information in the text if it will help you.


Exciting times - we are moving on to part 4 of our story - and we are about to find out something very important...…….

Treasure Island: The voyage and the apple barrel | BBC Teach

Watch it a second time, this time adding to your story map.  This way you will have a better understanding of what has happened previously when it comes towards the end of the story.

It really helps if you include the main events and characters that are introduced.


What would it be like for Jim in the barrell?

The whole time he is in there he can hear EVERYTHING the pirates are saying!  It is also when he first realises he is surrounded by pirates!

Listening to their conversation he realises just how much danger he and the rest of the crew are in.  How would that feel?  What would you do if you were him?

When he hears that someone wants an apple how do you think he would react?  How would you react?


Your activity today is to be in role as Jim.


Find this sheet in your packs:

Mind map how Jim would be feeling at each different stage of being in the barrell.

Think about:

- finding out he is surrounded by pirates

- hearing the plan to take over the ship

- knowing he is trapped in the barrell

- not knowing how to get out un-noticed

- the feeling when one of them wanted an apple

- the feeling when he heard the shout for land

- how he felt telling the others what he heard


Include any other thoughts and feelings you would have as Jim in that position.


Today we are going to be carrying out an investigation!


We have spent the last coupe of weeks learning about our circulatory system, and today we are going to put it to the test!


Exercise is very important to our bodies - we need it to keep us healthy and maintain strong muscles.


Watch this video about how our heart works:

How to Feel Your Heart Beat

At the beginning of the video she shows you how to take your pulse.


Ask an adult to help you by timing you for a minute.  During that minute, count how many times you feel your pulse.  Write it down so you have a record.  This will be something called your resting pulse rate - just make sure you do it when you are nice and relaxed, maybe having just finished your English or been taking a brain break.  Either way, do not take it after you have just been outside to play.


Your investigation is to find out which type of exercise raises your pulse rate the most.


Design your investigation - choose 5 different exercises you would like to try.  These may include:

- jumping jacks

- jogging on the spot

- running around in the garden

- leap frog jumps

- playing football

- dancing

or anything else you can think of.


Do 1 minute of the activity, then get your adult to time another minute where you count your pulse again.


Record the new reading of your pulse for each activity.


Leave a gap between each of the exercises to let your heart rate come back down, you might want to help a younger sibling with some learning, or do some reading in between each.


Once you have completed all the different exercises, compare your resting pulse rate you took at the start to after each of the exercises.


What did you find out?  Write a conclusion to your investigation explaining what you did and what you found out.  We'll compare the exercises tomorrow and see if any of you think the same ones raise your heartbeat the most!  If you want an extra challenge you could also draw and annotate a diagram of the investigation being carried out.


Have a fantastic day.  Remember to spend time on MyOn - there is still time to meet those targets!


Send in the great pictures of your learning today - there should be lots of fun ones from the science.


Miss Marshall xx