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Wednesday 3rd March

Good Morning Turkey Class,


We hope that you had a good day yesterday. We cannot believe that it is Wednesday already, this week is flying by.


Thank you to those of you who have sent us emails, you are working really hard and we are really impressed with all of your work.


We are really looking forward to returning to school and seeing you all again, there is lots of information about our return to school here - 

For Guided Reading today you will need Guided Reading Activity 8 -

Try to read the writing and then have a go at answering the questions. Then we would like you to think of a time when you tried something new for the first time - it might be the first time you went swimming or when you went to a different club or activity or your first day in Year 1. How did you feel about trying the activity for the first time? Did you feel like the author of our Guided Reading sheet?


Then we would like you to have a go at completing SPaG Mat 2 - 

Try to complete the sheet independently and then click the pencil below to check your answers - 
For English you will need English Activity 8 -
In our class story there are lots of aliens. Read the book again and see how many aliens you can spot on each page - 
Then we would like you to design your own alien. Think about what your alien will look like. What colour will your alien be? How many eyes will your alien have? What shape will your aliens nose be? Here are some ideas for your alien - 
Once you have designed your alien we would like you to think of some adjectives to describe your alien. Here are some adjectives that you could use to describe your alien - 
For Maths we would like you to start with this Maths game - 
Then you will need Maths Activity 8 -

You need to cut out the cards and then place them in a pile. Pick a number from 0 - 20 and then pick a card and see if you can solve the problem. If you get the answer correct then you get to keep the card and if not then you put the card back. For an extra challenge you could pick a number from 0 - 50 or 0 - 100. See how many cards you can collect.


For Phonics we are going to be learning and practising ‘e-e’ - 


Then you will need Phonics Activity 8 - 

Cut the pictures out and see if you can match the picture to the word. Then you could have a go at writing the words too.


After that we are going to do some Science instead of Topic today. We are going to be learning about the weather. How many different weathers can you name? Watch the video below about different types of weather - 

What's the Weather Like Today

Then you will need Science Activity 2 - 

We would like you to draw the different weathers and for an extra challenge we would like you to draw an outfit that you would wear for each different type of weather.


Then it will be time for Independent Learning. 


Our story today is called The Smeds and the Smoos - 

The Smeds and The Smoos

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Miss Pearce and Miss Hussain