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Wednesday 6th January

Good morning everyone!


I hope you enjoyed our couple of days of RE - a lovely way to start the new year.

Some of your writing was so incredibly thoughtful.  I loved reading and seeing your art work for the wonderful ideas of what your ideal worlds would look like.


We are now going to spend the rest of the week doing a mixture of work from our packs and online learning challenges.


Each day you will have a fun video to watch from Miss Hart who has been very excited to get back into the classroom...….I will then set you some questions so you can have a go at this skill yourself.


Your first maths challenge is starting out with percentages!


Once you have watched the video below, have a go at answering these questions:


50% of 120=

50% of 88=

50% of 136=

25% of 160=

25% of 188=

25% of 196=

75% of 160=

75% of 188=

75% of 196=

Extra house point if you can send in a picture of your answers and explain the link between 25% and 75%

Year 6 % lesson 1

This is "Year 6 % lesson 1" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

It's really important that we keep practising our arithmetic every day - it is a huge life skill to have and is something that will really help you all at secondary school!

In your packs there is a booklet called Year 6 Maths: addition, subtraction, multiplication and addition.

Today please complete this page of multiplication from it:

You enjoyed our Greek myth work so much that I thought you might like to go back to writing all about monsters!

In your packs, there is a document called 'Monsters'.


Read through the first few pages - it'll give you a clue about what is coming up over the next couple of weeks.

Today I would like you to complete activity 1.

If you don't know the meaning of particular words, you can use search engines safely to look them up, or you could speak to people in your house about what they think they mean? 

For an extra challenge, can you add your own vocabulary that you think would be good to use when writing about monsters?

You can see the first few pages here:

Finally, get creative!


As we are focusing our attention in English on Monsters, spend the rest of your learning time today creating your own!


You might want to either draw, paint or use another material to design your monster on paper, or...……...get really creative and do some junk modelling!

You could find lots of packaging around your kitchen at home (particularly in the recycle bin) and create your own 3D monster!

Have a fantastic day and I cannot wait to see the pictures of your wonderful learning!


Miss Marshall xx