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Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday 20th January 2021 20.1.21

Fantastic maths work yesterday everyone, you have all really cracked grid method which is great!


Today you need to apply the skills you have learnt this past week to solve some tricky word problems. Simple, right? Grab the sheet with today’s date on it and try your best!

Make sure you use RUCSAC to help you and I’m sure you will fly through this work.


In case you have forgotten:


R - read 

U- underline

C - choose the operation you want to use 

S - solve the problem 

A - have you answered the question?

C - check your answer properly


When you have done your maths sheet, it is Daily 10 time! Woohoo!

I would like you to have a go at multiplication or division today, set your game to either level 2 or level 3 depending on how confident you are.



For SPaG today you are going to be looking at different types of nouns. There are three different types of nouns we will be focusing on today: common nounsproper nouns, and abstract nouns.


You should remember proper nouns because I talk about them all the time when we are in school! 

proper noun is the name of a person, place or a thing. For example: the name Alice is a proper noun because it is a person’s name, the word France is a proper noun because it is the name of a country, and the word January is a proper noun because it is the name of one of the months of the year. 

Proper nouns ALWAYS start with a capital letter, which should give you a big clue in your work if you are unsure.


common noun is the phrase we normally use for nouns, so any person, place or thing. When we talk about nouns in our writing, we are usually talking about common nouns.


We haven’t come across abstract nouns before. An abstract noun is something that cannot be seen, tasted, heard or felt. For example, the word luck is an abstract noun - I had a lot of luck when I won the lottery last week. (Unfortunately, I didn’t actually win anything.)


Work through the sheet in your packs titled Types of Nouns and see how you get on!

I have attached the sheet below for you too.

Brilliant work yesterday, I know it was tricky but you all understood how to use speech marks really well!

Today we are first going to listen to the next part of the book, here we go:

The Green Ship Part 3

WOW! What an interesting lady! She certainly seems like she has enjoyed the company of the children!


Today, you are going to use the sheet titled IALT describe a character (the one with today’s date on it as there are two with that title!) And you will be completing a role on the wall about the new lady we have met, Mrs Tredegar. We have completed a role on the wall already when we read The Museum Trip, but just for a little reminder, here is a shot video to help you:

Role on the wall - 20.1.21

Great job with yesterday’s challenge, well done to those of you who realised you can use mirrors to reflect the light around the object!


Today we are going to learn about 3 terms:

1. Transparent

2. Translucent

3. Opaque


What do these terms mean? Well have a look here to find out!

Transparent, Translucent and Opaque

Transparent Objects, Opaque Objects and Translucent Objects | Don't Memorise

Now that you know what these words mean, find the sheet titled IALA properties of light.

Today you will be looking around your home for things that are either transparent, translucent and opaque! Once you find something, write it in your chart. I would also like you to try to write what each word means, you can have a look online if you need to or rewatch the videos above!

Keep sending your work to me at:


Lots of love my Hobbits

Mr Tooher 🐼