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Wednesday 7th July

Good morning Kenya class and thankfully our last morning of Home learning!


I am really looking forward to seeing you all back in school tomorrow 🙂


Phonics this morning is phonics games, remember to play the ones for your group as they will have sounds you have done in school.


Mrs Atkinson’s group - Matching pairs

Mrs Beatty’s group - Yes/No Yeti

Mrs K’s group - Match the sound


For Maths today we are going to do mixed word problems. We have done addition problems and then subtraction problems and today we are going to do mixed ones where you need to work out from reading the question if you need to add them or take them away! 

There are two different sets of questions depending on how confident you feel about answering the number sentences. Try the ones that you feel most comfortable doing. Remember read carefully to see what the question is asking you! 


There is an assembly for you to watch about the football on Miss Sexton’s page, also Buzz and Woody, our guinea pigs, have been getting ready for England’s match against Denmark tonight. Have a look at their page too! 

English and topic are both combined today! 

Those of you who joined in the Zoom storytelling will know that we read ‘Room on the Broom’. I would like you to create a new broom for the witch in Room on the Broom.

You can choose how you make your broom. You could make it out of junk modelling, you could make it out of Lego or craft bits. You can draw and label a picture of your broom, you can create your broom in any way you would like but remember it needs to have different parts for the different animals in the story. 

I have put a video of the story for you to listen to it again if you need reminding of the animals! 


Have fun!

I will see you at 2.30pm for story time on Zoom.


Mrs Atkinson x

Room on The Broom - British Read Aloud Children's Story Book