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Week Beginning 18 January



Yoga with Rebecca and Duggee


Click on the image to watch the video




Before you begin, start with some hand and finger games that can help improve your child’s handwriting.

Hand Strength Games

Once the hand exercises are complete, set the online timer for five minutes and prepare your child to do some line tracing. 


Click on the image to access the timer


Use the pencil control pattern worksheet for this activity. Encourage your child to connect the dots carefully and make sure they form the lines shown on each page. They can work on one or two pages each day. 


If you don’t have this week’s home learning pack you can download the worksheet below.

If your child is still learning how to hold a pen/pencil properly, click below for some useful tips.





Rote Counting to 20 (Daily)

Encourage your child to join in the counting song to practise counting to 20.




Snow and Ice




Chester Zoo is hosting a virtual zoo day.

Ask an adult to go to Chester Zoo’s Facebook page (click here)

or their YouTube channel (click here).





Ms. Reynon and Teddy would like to play a game of hide and seek with you.

You have to find Teddy by describing where he is.

Make sure to use your positional words such as in, on, under.




Children, today you are in for a special treat because Mrs. Elvy is going to read you a story. Mrs. Elvy has recently joined Westcourt. You will get to meet Mrs. Elvy when we go back to nursery. From time to time she will be in the nursery to help Ms. Reynon and Mrs. Wills look after you. 

Room on the Broom