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Westcourt Primary School

Learn, Aspire, Achieve

Year 6 Residential 2023


After emotional goodbyes, we all have smiling and happy faces at PGL today! We met our group leader for the week and found out where we are staying. Everyone has been incredibly mature when organising their rooms, snack collections and when making decisions as a group!

We had a tour of the site and a lovely meal together - lots of very full tummies!

We ended the day with a game of AMBUSH!! It’s very similar to hide and seek but it is played as a group. We had to be super quiet and seek very carefully!

We will put pictures up here every evening where possible as WiFi is limited; click or tap each picture to make it larger - we are looking forward to the rest of the week!


Miss Jeebooah, Miss Saied and Mr Tooher


We may have been a little trigger happy with the pictures today! Just goes to show how much fun we have been having.

Today we had a lot of fun outdoors with activities such as: orienteering, trapeze, problem solving, Jacob's ladder and giant swing - definitely check out the pictures from the giant swing - you can really see the moment the swing dropped!!

Some of us had the chance to take part in some fencing. I think the children might have enjoyed the chance to poke Mr Tooher with the foil a bit too much!!

We finished the day with a PGL Tournament which involved games such as dodgeball, hot seat, tic-tac-toe (with a twist) and ultimate frisbee to bring some fun competition to our trip!

If you can’t see pictures of any groups taking part in an activity that others have completed, fear not, as all children will have the opportunity to do all the same activities!

We think the fun has caught up with us as there are some very sleepy heads tonight who are snoring away incredibly quickly but looking forward to yet another fun day!!


Miss Jeebooah, Miss Saied and Mr Tooher