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Zog is a keen dragon at Dragon School who aims to be the best in his class and win a golden star. The story follows his attempts at learning to fly, roar and breathe fire, leading to a series of minor injuries for which a mysterious girl provides assorted bandages and plasters.


Activity #1: The dragon and the princess

Before watching the video, ask your child to describe the features and characteristics of dragons and princesses. Can they tell you five things about them? Write them down on the character description worksheet. Return to this list after watching the video and ask your child if Zog and Princess Pearl fit your child’s description? Do they like them more or less because of this? 


The dragon and the princess worksheet



Activity #2: A doctor’s checklist

Read out the scenarios on a doctor’s checklist and encourage your child to suggest the correct treatment to give to their dragon patients. Encourage your child to act out and describe how to treat their ailments.


A doctor’s checklist worksheet



If you want to learn more about doctors and what they do, you can watch the short video about a boy’s visit to the paediatrician.

Sesame Street: D is for Doctor


Activity #3: Create an imaginary school

Using the imaginary school worksheet, ask your child to draw their own imaginary school. It could be in a fantastical place: a school in a castle, one on another planet, or one that floats in a bubble. What do they learn from the school? Magic? Circus skills? Your child can draw their teacher and friends and encourage them to tell you a short story of the exciting things they will do in their school.


Imaginary school worksheet





#1 Watch Zog the Movie

If you have a TV licence, you can watch the film adaptation of the much-loved picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. 


Click on the image to watch the movie


#2 Create a fire-breathing dragon

A simple dragon craft that's easy to make and fun to play with. When you blow in the end of the tube, it looks like the dragon is breathing fire!


You will need: paper roll (either a toilet paper roll, paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll); green or red construction paper, 2 medium-sized pom-poms; 2 small pom-poms; 2 medium googly eyes; red, yellow and orange tissue paper; glue stick; glue gun or glue dots


Cut a piece of construction paper to be the exact length of your paper roll. Spread glue from a glue stick onto one side of the paper. Line up the ends of the paper with the ends of the paper roll, then wrap the paper around the roll so it's completely covered.


Using a glue gun or glue dots, attach one of the googly eyes to the middle of one of the larger pom poms. Repeat for the second googly eye and second larger pom pom. These will be your dragon eyes (you should have two eyes).


Using a glue gun or glue dots, attach each of the dragon eyes to one end of the paper roll.


Using a glue gun or glue dots, attach the two smaller pom poms near the other end of the paper tube to make the dragon's nose.


For the fire, cut scraps of red, yellow and orange tissue paper to be long pointy strips, about 9" or 10" long.


Spread some glue from a glue stick onto the straight end of one of the strips of tissue paper, then attach it to the inside of the paper roll under the dragon's nose. Repeat, and keep gluing tissue paper to the inside of the paper roll as you work your way around the roll.


Your paper roll dragon is complete! Take a deep breath, put your mouth on the end of the paper roll and BLOW!


#3 Play an online jigsaw game

Drag and drop the jigsaw pieces to form the picture. You can choose from three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard.


Click on the image to play the game


#4 Colour in some pictures



Download the colouring sheets below.