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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Mrs Shubrook (Headteacher)
Senior Leadership Team 2 Miss Sexton (Deputy Headteacher)

Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding Team 1 Mrs Shubrook
Safeguarding Team 2 Miss Sexton
Safeguarding Team 3 Mrs Sarah Ettridge
Safeguarding Team 4 Mrs Hughes

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Miss Boucher
Teaching Staff 2 Miss Fish
Teaching Staff 3 Miss Hart
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs Hartung
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs Harris
Teaching Staff 6 Miss Marshall
Teaching Staff 7 Mrs Outred
Teaching Staff 8 Miss Poonian
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs Rea
Teaching Staff 10 Ms Reynolds
Teaching Staff 11 Mr Starkey
Teaching Staff 12 Mr Trodd

Schools Direct Programme

Schools Direct Programme 1 Ms Avdiu

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs Beatty
Support Staff 2 Mrs Best
Support Staff 3 Mrs Corcoran
Support Staff 4 Mrs Davies (HLTA)
Support Staff 5 Ms De Ieso
Support Staff 6 Miss Francis
Support Staff 7 Mrs Hameed
Support Staff 8 Mrs Handford
Support Staff 9 Mrs Hughes (HLTA)
Support Staff 10 Mr Lucas (ICT Technician)
Support Staff 11 Mrs O'Donoghue
Support Staff 12 Miss Pattenden
Support Staff 13 Mrs Rose


SEND 1 Mrs Corcoran
SEND 2 Miss Marshall


Welfare 1 Mrs Sarah Ettridge
Welfare 2 Mrs Hughes


Administration 1 Mrs Atlee
Administration 2 Mrs Karen Fraser
Administration 3 Mrs McIlwraith
Administration 4 Mrs Sear

Premises Management

Premises Management 1 Ms Collier
Premises Management 2 Mrs Fooks
Premises Management 3 Mr Loucaides
Premises Management 4 Mrs Seaney
Premises Management 5 Mrs Woolley


Kitchen 1 Mrs Howes
Kitchen 2 Mrs Lord
Kitchen 3 Mrs Nkansa-Dwamena
Kitchen 4 Mr Mark Wade