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Italy (Reception)

Please click on the star below to view your pictures and photos you have sent to me.


Hi everyone,


Well done for all your great work this week. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what some of you have doing. Please keep sending your work and I will do my best to put it on the website.

Ella, I’ve heard that you have been very busy this week. I loved the repeating pattern on your wall- great way of learning, well done!

I will be posting again on Monday for more ideas for home learning.

Bye bye for now, see you back on Monday!

Image for the weekend
Picture 1 Ella’s worm garden!



Hi everyone,


It's so great to see all your pictures - it looks like you've been keeping busy at home.


It's really important to keep getting your exercise even when you can't get out much - have you tried dancing along to some dinosaur songs:


Dig it up is all about finding fossils:


You can sing and dance to Andy's Dinosaur Rap:


And stamp your feet to the dinosaur stomp:

Look after yourselves!


Mrs Crowther



Hi everyone,


I have put a link, at the top of this page, for all your pictures and photos. Just click on the star.

There are currently some fantastic resources being set up by various groups to support children at home.

Below I have put a link to the Twinkl learning hub.

If you click on the green section which says learning hub you will find a daily timetable. Click on each link every day and it will take you to phonic lessons, PE, art, stories and many more great ideas.

You don’t need to sign up to twinkl to access this.


Today you could:

  • watch Hey Duggee and do some follow up activities like baking a cake.


  • Do a little bit of reading.


  • Maths: You could watch Numberblocks- adding episode, I couldn’t find it on iPlayer but there is an episode on YouTube

You could then do some follow up adding in your books


  • Don’t forget to look at the science activities from yesterday’s link.


  • Also, below are some pictures if you want to practice sentence writing in your books. Just think of a sentence, remember it, then use your sounds to write it. Don't forget capital letters and full stops!


  • And lastly, have fun!





Sentence Writing


Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your messages, it has been lovely reading them all.

Happy Birthday Dottie!

I see from your pictures that you have had lots of fun today! I hear that you have been chasing rainbows and saw lots! I did that as well today, but I only saw 4!

James, I'm glad the plant survived being knocked off the windowsill, by your cat :)

Tessa and Edward, well done on using the pictures to write the story of Harry and the Bucketful of dinosaurs.


Please keep sending your pictures and messages, it's made me very happy to see that you are all still working hard and most importantly having fun!


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and are finding lots of things to do to keep you busy.


Today you could use the story map from yesterday’s post to practice writing a sentence to each of the pictures:

  • Harry found a box in the attic.
  • He washed the dinosaurs
  • He left them on the train
  • Harry was sad.
  • etc....

Here is a link to more fun science experiments you could try at home. You could send me photos of any that you try.


Finally, Numberblocks on CBeebies is fantastic for teaching maths concepts, so even if your child watches one or two of them it would be great.


Have a good day!


Thank you for your messages today. Dottie, I hear you are getting a new trampoline for your birthday- I'm very jealous :) Happy birthday for tomorrow! Pleased you will be getting lots of exercise. Ava, I hope you will be baking shortbread for us when we return to school, I've heard it was very yummy!

Hope to hear from lots more of you tomorrow as its great to see what you are all up to.

Home Learning

Home Learning 1 You are keeping yourself very busy Ava :)
Home Learning 2 They look delicious. Don't forget to save me one!
Home Learning 3 Great Stegosaurus! Very creative.
Home Learning 4 Well done Amelia, for making a shape dinosaur.
Home Learning 5 A dinosaur made from playdough- fabulous!
Home Learning 6 Love your dinosaur Mia, great writing too!
Home Learning 7 Well done on Brilliant adding Sofia!
Home Learning 8 I can see you're working hard Ethan :)
Home Learning 9 Well done, Ethan!
Home Learning 10 Great writing Dottie.
Home Learning 11 I love the dinosaur- very scary! :)
Home Learning 12 Well done Amelia! A fantastic bird feeder.
Home Learning 13 Loving the sock puppet Dottie!
Home Learning 14 Dottie, you have done brilliant adding!
Home Learning 15 Nikolai being very creative.
Home Learning 16 Great dinosaur hat!
Home Learning 17 Pleased to see you are planting the seeds Ella.
Home Learning 18 Great phonics.
Home Learning 19 Fabulous spider research Ava!
Home Learning 20 Great independent reading today Edward.
Message from Mrs Crowther:

Hello everyone,

I hope you are happy at home and looking after yourselves. I also hope you are enjoying the activity packs and keeping up with your learning. I am sorry that I have not been able to see you for so long but staying in is very important right now. Don't forget to wash your hands!


Very best wishes,


Mrs Crowther


Hi everyone,

It's been great seeing all the pictures and photos you have sent and thank you parents for all your messages. I will try to put as many as I can on the school website.

Hope you are all being creative at home. Remember to make sure you get a bit of fresh air everyday, if you can, and do a little bit of reading and writing each day.

Here are some more ideas of what you could do each day:

  • Read the story of Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs, again, using the link from yesterday. Then use the story map below to retell the story to an adult.

Story Map

Story Map 1 Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs.
  • Draw a dinosaur (don't forget to send me your pictures)
  • Make giant bubbles in the garden:

Morning everyone,

Remember to use the daily timetable (if you want to) and the packs I have given you. As our topic this term is dinosaurs, I thought I would give you some more topic ideas.

Search for Shape Monsters on the Topmarks website and practice saying the shape names, you could then draw a dinosaur using 2D shapes.

T-rex picture

You could also listen to the story of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs.
Don't forget to use the ideas, to practice your daily writing, from the topic sheet I gave you and by keeping a daily diary. If you want to practice your phonics then look at games from the Letters and Sounds website and Topmarks (web links are at the bottom of the page).
Remember that it is important that you have fun and do lots of cutting, sticking, making and exercising.



Hi Children,

I am very pleased you have visited our class page. If you would like to send me any pictures of the work you have done then my email address is: or You may need to ask an adult to help you.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to reply to you but I will try to put as many as I can on the school website for you to see.

I have put a timetable on our class page to help you stick to our daily routine, if you want to. Please use the packs I have given you to help with your reading, writing and maths. 

The web links at the bottom of this page will take you to other fun activities to help with your learning- just click the link. 



You are, and always have been, your child’s main teacher. So don’t worry! Just try to do:

  • A bit of reading every day.
  • Maths games or cooking.
  • Some fine motor skill work, Lego, cutting, play dough.
  • Physical exercise.
  • Some free writing like writing a diary 
  • Some art.


To help you with ideas I have put some web links below.


The web link titled: Phonics Sounds Write, is the scheme we follow in school. Your child will be on unit 9 or 11. Hopefully this website will give you some ideas of how to continue phonic teaching at home.

Topmarks is also a great site and lots of the games and books are tablet friendly.

I will also try to put other activities on the website daily to help you support your child, as well as for them to have fun.


Fingers crossed the children will be back in school soon. They are a wonderful bunch of children and I will truly miss seeing them every day!


 Happy learning.

Home Learning Timetable 2019/2020



9.00- 10.30







Monday- Friday

Child Initiated

Building, Lego, painting, making, drawing, singing and dancing. Don’t forget to get out in the garden if possible.



Reading, phonics and writing diaries.

Don’t forget to look in the packs and to check the links on the school website for phonic and reading apps.




Sharing books together.


Look in the packs and don’t forget to check the web links on the class page. 

Child Initiated

Building, Lego, painting, making, drawing, singing and dancing. Don’t forget to get out in the garden if possible.


Please check the web links for fun science activities you could also do each week.


Have fun!

Useful Web Links