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Hi Everyone,

Well done for all the brilliant work you have been doing this week!

Good news- we have caught the bear and returned him to the zoo! Thank you for your help. Your suggestions, story maps and binoculars were great. I am very impressed by all the other work you have been doing as well.

Just so you know- I followed the maps and left some food. Miss Hart was really quick at catching him while he was eating.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Listen to the book again and then think about where else the family could go on a bear hunt.

Where is this place?

What do you find there?

What do you think you would be able to see?

What do you think you would be able to hear?

What sound could we use in our bear hunt when we are at the -----?


Here are some ideas to help you.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt settings.


It’s Friday so there isn’t a lesson for you to watch and join in with today. Instead I have given you a game to play, just click on the link below. There are also phonic sheets in your pack for you to complete.


Click on the link below for today’s lesson.

Have a good day!

The Nativity

Covid might have affected many aspects of our lives, but for Reception 'The show must go on!'.  Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Nativity - so here for your entertainment is a very special movie version for 2020.  Everyone involved has worked extremely hard to make it happen, so we really hope you enjoy it. (Note: The password to view the film will be sent out via Text Message on Monday 14th December).

The Nativity!

Term 2

Christmas card competition.

Italy class had fun making their own Christmas cards.

We are learning about Antarctica this term.

Term 1

What we have been learning in class