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As from September 2020, Mrs Claire Nicholls is our new SENCO. 

You can contact her by ringing the school office on 01474 566 411.

Alternatively, contact her by post via the school office or by email using  Full details can be found on our Contact page - click here.

If you have any questions or need to talk to me, you can contact me using the following email address:

You can find up to date information about how children are able to be supported through the community paediatric team, by clicking on the link below.

Important update for parents from the Educational Psychology Team

NHS - Here for you leaflet.

The NHS have just released the document below in support for mental health of young children.  Please take time to look at it and if you feel it would benefit your family, then follow the links on the document.  Please remember, we are always here for you.

As the lockdown continues, many children will have lots of questions and it can be hard to explain what is happening in the world. Especially as we, as adults, are finding it difficult to comprehend ourselves.


This weblink:

will take you to a book that tells a story to help explain what is currently going on in the word.

Our awesome children with autism may be finding this challenging times particularly difficult. Just remind them, and yourselves, that you are all doing a great job. Things are hard right now but everyone is working to to get into a new ‘normal’ routine.

If you are finding it difficult to discuss the current situation then this website might help: coronavirus/

Please remember, no-one knows your child better than you do.  You will know how much they should be told.  The clearest message to give them is that they need to stay safe by following your instructions.

Being in doors can be a real challenging time for families, especially when some children really do need to burn that energy outdoors.

We highly recommend completing the daily PE by Joe Wicks.  This can be found on his YouTube channel.  


Children with more than average energy will also have a ‘peak burst’ just after lunch time.  Why not get them to do 30 minutes of Just Dance videos that can also be found on YouTube.


Community Paediatrics have suspended all face to face meetings, however they are available by phone if you need to talk to them regarding your child’s medication.


If you need any support please to email me: