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Year 4 Residential 2019

Kingswood 2019!

Year 4 have arrived safely at Kingswood with Mrs Semanshia and Miss Hart. It was a busy first afternoon  with  buggy building and then had a delicious dinner! We then went to our rooms to unpack and to face the second challenge of the make our beds!  The last activity of the day was scrap heap challenge in which we built some amazing robot! 

Year 4 had a great night sleep at Kingswood. Some of the children were difficult to wake up! After a great breakfast that has fueled them up for the morning they have taken part in climbing and then abseiling! The children are all having great fun. 
Year 4 have arrived back at school from a fantastic time at Kingswood! Yesterday the children completed the night line. It was dark and very muddy!! Today they have completed crate stacking and  an obstacle course. The children have been fantastic whilst they have been away. They have represented the school so well, parents you should be extremely proud of them.