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Term 4 Creative Homework

At the end of a very busy Term 4, everyone gathered in the hall to enjoy another assembly where creative homework tasks had been completed.


This term, the teachers had set a range of activities linked to the work of that term:

  • Year 1 - make a healthy plate or poster linked to healthy eating;
  • Year 2 - create a mini garden to link with their science work on plants;
  • Year 3 - create something linked to Native Americans (Pocahontas topic);
  • Year 4 - find out some interesting facts about Pocahontas or create a sketch of her statue;
  • Year 5 - design a space rocket that could land on Saturn, design your own planet or make a board game to help learn about the planets in our solar system; and
  • Year 6 - design and make a treasure chest or treasure map to link with their learning about  the classic novel Treasure Island.


Here are some photos of the some of the creative and innovative approaches to tackling these creative homework tasks.  As always, thank you to all family members for supporting your child's home learning.