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Year 6 Residential 2019

20 very excited year 6 children left Westcourt this afternoon for their week at PGL. The two mini buses arrived at Windmill Hill in East Sussex having gone through brilliant sunshine and torrential rain. We were given a warm welcome from our PGL hosts and were soon unpacking our bags in our cabins that will be home for the week.

We had a tour of the site, played some games and then had a great dinner!

Tonight we played ambush, this is hide and seek in the dark! Great fun!

Just so you know Wi-Fi is very limited here, so we will try to post on line when we can.

All the children are having a great first evening.

Miss Boucher and Miss Sexton

Day 2

What a fantastic day the children have had! The children have been climbing, played aero ball, over come all aboard and completed the challenge course. All the children in climbing challenged themselves to reach their own personal goal. They showed such determination! Aero ball is a cross between netball  and basket ball whilst being on a trampoline. The children competed in a competition playing all fours teams. A four minute round doesn’t seem long but it is exhausting! The challenge course involved climbing through tyres, scrambling over walls and balancing across stepping stones!

All the children would agree that the most exciting activity of the day was All Aboard. This involves climbing up a pole and then getting on to a small box at the top, it is very high! Miss Boucher and Miss Sexton were extremely proud of all the children. Words that spring to mind are resilience, determination, team work and over coming fear.

Our apologies for the lack of the photos but there is a technical problem in down loading them. They will be added to this page once we are back at school.


Day 3

Today started with Miss Boucher and Miss Sexton waking 19 out of 20 children up for breakfast! All the children had a great night sleep and were ready for the challenges of day 3! After a great cooked breakfast we started the day with either archery or the giant swing. We have some budding Robin Hood’s in the group with many children hitting the bulls eye!

The giant swing involved lots of team work to pull two friends up at a time. The brave part is the then who pulls the release cord...lots of shouts of joy could be heard across the site as pair after pair swung through the trees.

This afternoons activities were tunnel trail and rifle shooting. The children will be bringing home some muddy clothes as they battled through the tunnels in search of their friends! Riffle shooting involved learning new techniques and we rounded the session off by having a game of battle ships.

The evening activity was Wacky Racers, in which the children played lots of games dressed in wacky clothes! There were backwards jumpers, odd socks, multiple layers of clothing and one child grew a third leg, having been very ingenious with a spare pair of trousers!


Finally, it was fantastic to hear that the PGL catering staff had passed onto our group leader Ocean today that they have been so impressed in the dining hall with the Westcourt children’s manners. This was brilliant to hear and we know they will keep this up for the rest of their stay.


Day 4

Today the children have completed the trapeze, sensory trail, problem solving and the zip wire. In trapeze all 20 children climbed to the top of the pole and jumped off to reach the trapeze. They were incredibly brave as it was extremely windy. Sensory trail saw them getting muddy again! They has to use their senses, except sight, to move around the trail as a team. Problem solving involved great teamwork, with children solving various challenges. All the children and staff enjoyed the new zip at Windmill Hill, it was great fun!

This evening the children are enjoying team games in the sports hall. Another great day has been had by all and they all look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon, with their dirty washing!

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