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Sri Lanka (Year 6)

If you are home awaiting a Covid-19 test, here are some links to keep you up-to-date with your learning.

End of term video


Good morning everyone and happy last ever day at Primary School!

Today there is no set work - today is to celebrate!  Your journey at Westcourt is almost over and you are all more than ready for your next exciting adventure in your new schools.

I am so sorry you have not got to end your Year 6 journey in the way you deserve but the world had other plans.

You should all be very proud of everything you have achieved, I am so proud of each and every one of you.


Celebrate today in any way you can - you might want to have a DVD afternoon, you might want to have a garden party or go to the park with your family.

However you choose, enjoy!


Have a wonderful summer break and I look forward to hearing how you all get on in your new schools.

Missing you all already,


Miss Marshall xxx

Year 6 Leavers Video v2

Happy Friday Eve!

Today is very's your last day of completing learning tasks, tomorrow is all about celebrating!

You will be finishing off Treasure Island and completing any other work in your packs.

Remember to send in your wonderful learning.

Have a great day laugh

Check out our pirate work!

Happy Wednesday!

We're back in the full swing of being pirates for the next couple of days.  We're still using the activities from your last packs.

If you have remained doing your learning from home, please remind your adult to collect your pack because they have your last ever primary school report in them, as well as a gift.

Have a great day laugh 

Happy Monday!

You have made it to your final week at Primary School - you have been on an incredible journey since you all first began, and we plan on celebrating it with you just as soon as we are able to.

In the mean time, keep going with your online activities and enjoy this historic week.

Have a fantastic day laugh

Happy Friyay!

We're already at the end of another week!


Please please make sure that you have asked your adult to send in a video of you saying your favourite memory by the end of the day otherwise you won't be in the leavers video.  You also need to ask them to bring in your year book page otherwise you won't appear in that either.


Have a fantastic day today and have a wonderful weekend laugh


Some fabulous learning - check out Bose' boat!

Happy Friday Eve!

There was some fantastic learning yesterday and I ca;t wait to see what you achieve today!

Our story gets very dark and twisty today - your favourite type!

Remember you can watch it as many times as you like.

Have a fantastic day laugh

Happy Wednesday!

We are already half way through the week!

We are carrying on with Treasure Island today and the story is getting exciting - remember to listen carefully to the story and continue with your story map whilst you watch and listen.

Have a great day laugh

Hi Bose,

Thank you for your question!

The year book page was the sheet with the picture frame for you to draw yourself, and the post its for you to write messages.  I'll attach it again below so you know what it looks like.  If you can't find it, and have a printer, you could just print this out again.

If you would like to print your own copy for a first draft, then here is the document :)

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday!

I hope you've had a lovely start to the week.

Please remember to ask your adult to video you sending a message to your friends at Westcourt, and that the class book pages need bringing in.

Have a great day and I look forward to seeing all the learning you've been doing laugh


Happy Monday!

It's now officially your penultimate week of primary school!  The time has flown by and we are now on the final countdown.


If you are learning at home please ask your adult to bring in your year book page - none have been brought in means you will not be in the year book otherwise.

Please also ask your adult to record you saying a good bye message to your friends - you might like to include one of your favourite memories from Westcourt.  These need to be emailed to me by tomorrow so we can make your leavers video.


Have a great day and remember to send in pictures of your learning laugh

Super Friday learning!

Ahoy there me hearties!

It's the end of the week and we're going full pirate!

The layout of your learning looks a little different today.......enjoy your pirate challenges and I can't wait to see what you get up to.

Have a fantastic day! laugh

Some suspicious looking pirates!

Happy Friday Eve!

We've been having a very piratey week and that theme carries on today! 

Make sure that you check through your packs carefully because everything you need is in'll also need to log on to Purple Mash - get your best pose ready!

Have a fantastic day and check back later for instructions on the class video! 


Wonderful Wednesday Work!

Thank you for the emails I've had to day.


Zakir - If you've used 'write on the right' like we do in our English books, then please go back through the book and use the blank pages.  If you've used every page then please email me again and I'll sort a new book out for you.  Well doe for doing so much learning!


Bose - Wow you've done a lot of learning!  Please make sure that you check the class page every day and click on the document with the correct date.  That tells you what you should be doing from your pack on that day.  Lots of it links together so it is important to check.  You don't need to do the whole pack in one go.

Good morning everyone and happy 1st of July!

We are now starting your last month at primary school.  This is the time to reflect on your school life and start to get excited about your next adventure.  Its OK to have mixed feelings - we talked abut this a lot in class yesterday.  The most important thing is to remember you are ready for this next stage and have been working hard towards it for a long time.

Have a wonderful day today and I look forward to seeing lots of pictures of your learning laugh

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a great day yesterday writing your year book pages - the ones the children have done in school are fantastic!

Please remind your adult to bring the page up to school by the end of this week so I can start putting our year book together.

Today you are going to have a go at your next leavers activity - the video assembly!

I will write the instructions of how to film it for you tomorrow.

Have a great day today and I can't wait to see your home learning! laugh

Great Monday learning!

Happy Monday!

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and remembered to stay safe in the sun.

Today we are going to be thinking about your time at Westcourt.  In school we are going to make our pages for the class year book and you can do the same at home!

In your packs there is a page that you need to complete (the instructions are in your learning from today).  IT's really important that you ask your adult to bring this back in to school by the end of the week so that I can start making your book.  It'll be a lovely memory of your time together as a class.

Have a great day and I look forward to reading all about your memories!  laugh

Super end of the week learning

It'a Friyay!

I hope you've all had a lovely week and enjoyed the sunshine!

Remember to keep sending in pictures of your work - it would be great if we could have a whole pirate portrait gallery.

Some of you have made very fetching sailors - maybe the 15th century look will catch on after lockdown......who knows?

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend laugh

Thursday learning

Happy Friday Eve!

It's going to be another incredibly hot day so please make sure you think about your sun safety when you are outside, including drinking lots of water!

Today we are going to channel our inner pirate and continue with Treasure Island.

Make sure sure you have your new pack ready because you'll need that......we're going to create a pirate portrait gallery!

Have  a wonderful day land lubbers! laugh

Wonderful Wednesday Work!

I've just had an email from Bose asking about the password for My On - it is your AR password.

This will be helpful for lots of you!

Have fun!

Good morning me hearty's!

Today we are carrying on with our work on Treasure Island!

You will need to channel your inner sailor for today's activities - although you can do the work in any order you want, I suggest you do the English before the Purple will help laugh

Have a fantastic day and please remind your adult to collect your next pack if they haven't done so already.

Some great home learning from Rio today!

Welcome to Tuesday!

I hope you've had a wonderful start to the week 

We had a great day in school yesterday discovering what our new book was.....if you're learning from home then today it's your turn!

I'll leave you a clue in this message, let me know if you spot it!


Today your adults can come and get your next learning packs, Karen will be sending out a message to let them know when.

There is something really important in there, it's an activity I will get you to do so that we can make a year book to mark your memories and time at Westcourt.  It's important you get these so we can have a whole class book to cherish - you will all get a copy at the end of the year.


That's all for now, I must get on with some other work otherwise I'll be forced to walk the plank! wink


Happy Monday!

We are already in week 4 and it is time for us to start thinking about your time at Westcourt.  You have made amazing friends, done fantastic learning, been on epic adventures and most importantly, made memories that will last you a life time.

This week we will start thinking about what you would have said in a leavers assembly.  We are all so sorry that you will not have the assembly you wanted and deserved.  There is a plan though!  Through the magic of technology (and Mr Trodd) we are going to try and make a leavers video.

It is really important you do your home learning linked to this - I will contact your parents for those of you at home to arrange how we do this over the next couple of weeks.

Have a great time reminiscing your time at school.

Have a wonderful day laugh 

Great end of the week learning!

Happy Friyay!

We have got all the way to the end of week 3 for this term - time is flying by!

Thank you to all of you who have sent your learning in, it has been lovely seeing all the work you are doing at home.  

Just a reminder that when you do send in the pictures, try to make sure we can't see anything else like phone numbers or other details....otherwise I can't put your picture on the webpage.

Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend laugh

Some great learning from today!

Hi Ayisha - thanks for your email!  I'm so impressed that you've almost finished your orange book!

When you collect your the pack next week (you'll be told when they're ready) I'll put another book in there for you.


If anyone else needs a new book please let me know by the end of the weekend so I can get them ready laugh

Happy Friday Eve!

I hope you enjoyed watching the video of our class book - it's amazing how powerful a story can be when there are no words.

Thank you for sending in your great learning from yesterday.  Your balanced arguments were really interesting!

Do you think you would tell the adults you saw someone?  Or would you help try and save them?

Have a great day laugh

Wonderful Wednesday Work

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday!

It was so lovely to receive lots of your home learning yesterday - it's great to see how you are getting on.  It was also really lovely to see so many children in class this week, the classroom and I have really missed you wink

Our class book is starting to get really exciting - now we have seen someone hiding in the corn fields, the main character has a big decision to make......should she tell anyone what she saw?

You are great at debating and this is a skill you will need for today!

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to receiving pictures of your learning laugh


Some super home learning for a Tuesday!

Hi everyone - Thomas (otherwise known as the Director of Research) has emailed an answer to Mr Trodd's question:


Hi Miss Marshall


I found out the facts about why Harriet’s precise date of birth can’t be verified. Harriet Tubman was born a slave on a plantation in Maryland. Historians believe she was born in 1820, or possibly 1821, but because birth records were not kept by most slave owners, it’s hard to be totally accurate.


Great research!

I've had a great question from Rio asking where you can see the page linked to the work you are doing for English.

It's the picture that I put on your instructions, that's all you need to use laugh

It's Tuesday!

It was really lovely to see so many children in school yesterday as we all learnt new routines for our 'new normal' way of being together.  It was also really lovely to receive so much work from those of you continuing with home learning - I love that you are engaging so well with our new book!

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing more sketches from the book laugh


I need your help! Mr Trodd has been really enjoying our work on Harriet Tubman, he even made his own factfile! There is a problem we need your help with though......check out the email and factfile. We'd love to hear if you have an answer!

Marvellous Monday learning

Happy Monday!

It's the start of a brand new week, and a new week brings new opportunities.

For some of you, we are going to start our 'new normal' together in school and I am really looking forward to seeing you.  Please just re-watch the video below to remind yourselves what to do when you get to school.

For those of you learning from home, what new opportunities and skills will you uncover?  Will you learn to bake?  Will you finally crack a maths problem?  Will your family discover a new walking route?  If you are out and about, keep an eye out for Charlie's painted stones!

Whatever you are doing this week, stay safe and make sure you try and help out around the house - your adults will really appreciate it.

Have a great daylaugh

Year 6 - New Routines

Some of the great learning from today:

Some inspiration from Thomas!

Happy Friyay!

I hope you've had a fantastic week and been able to still enjoy some time outside despite the change in the weather.

Our new book is incredibly powerful, and the underground railroad so interesting!  Please do email me if you have any questions about it - Mr Trodd is loving it!

If you are returning to school on Monday, please do take a look at the video above, it's important that you follow the instructions from Miss Sexton and Miss Hart carefully.

For those of you carrying on with your learning from home - don't worry, I still put your work on here each day.

Looking forward to seeing your work from today laugh

Some great work from Bose

It's Friday Eve!

I've been particularly impressed with your maths this week - lots of you have remembered so much!

Our new book is really quite topical for what is going on in the news at the moment.  It is important that if you have questions then you ask them.  That could be to your adult at home, or you can email me - you won't be the only one with questions.

Have a great day today and I look forward to seeing pictures of your learning laugh


Some great work for a Wednesday.....and Kayla on a horse!

Happy Wednesday!

We are now half way through the week!

How are you doing with your place value activities?  Remember to use what you have already learnt - you are all fabulous at this so keep going!

So lovely to have got more photos sent through yesterday, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you achieve today!

Have a great day laugh

Terrific Tuesday Learning!

Happy Tuesday!

Today is very exciting - we are starting a brand new book and it's one of my absolute favourites!

It's a little different to our usual doesn't have any words in it.  I think you're going to love it!

Have a great day and I look forward to seeing photos of your work laugh

Interesting Ocean Adventures!

Hi Bose, thank you for your question. Our school doesn't do online lessons because not everyone has access to a computer or tablet.  That's why you get instructions on here, but everyone also has a paper pack of learning.  I hope that answers your question smiley

Good morning everyone, happy Monday!

We are about to start our second week of Term 6 - and what better way to start than to celebrate World Oceans Day!

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your double page spreads and the work you're about to do on Purple Mash (I had great fun playing with the camera!).

Have a lovely day and a great start to the week laugh

Check out Simarpreet's double page spread!! Absolutely fantastic presentation!

Fabulous Friyay learning!

It's Friyay!

I hope you've had a lovely week and enjoyed learning about the world's oceans! I have been very impressed with the quality of your writing so far this term - you are doing yourselves proud!

I have had lots of questions about whether you can do the work on the computer - of course you can do writing on the computer if you would like to.  Do your work in whichever way will help you best.


Zakir, thank you for your email.  Mr Trodd was very impressed you spotted his 'deliberate' mistake......wink


Have a great day and a wonderful weekend laugh

Some lovely learning from today

I've just had a great question from Kayla that some of you might be wondering about.

Yes, if you would like to do your factfile on computer then please do, if not then just in your orange books is also fine smiley

Happy Friday Eve!

I absolutely loved your ocean pictures from yesterday - who knew there were so many glittery, smiley sea creatures in our oceans??

Today we are carrying on with that theme and you are going to listen to one of my all time favourite poems - Commotion in the Ocean!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  If you'd like an extra challenge then can you try creating a 3D model of your favourite sea creature?  I'd love to see the photos.


Have a wonderful day laugh

A great start to our World Oceans work!

Happy Wednesday!

Can you believe we are already getting to half way through the first week back?  I have been so impressed with the work so far - your Purple Mash balanced discussions are fantastic!

This week we are now going to be discovering more about the world's oceans.  Monday 8th June is World Ocean Day.  There are lots of fun activities we will be doing, so make sure you take plenty of pictures and send them in!


Please please ask your adults to come and collect your new work packs from the Foxes Den, that way we can also start on the fun activities in them sooner.  They will need to collect them by Thursday at 2:30 at the very latest.


Have a lovely day, SEA you later wink

Check out Kayla's 'Lazer Maze' from the half term bingo!

Happy Tuesday!

It was lovely to hear from so many of you yesterday!

I hope you had a great first day back for the start of term and managed to get out for time in the sun.  Remember sun safety is very important so make sure your look after yourselves.

Your packs are still in school waiting for you, so today your learning is all online and in your orange books.

Have a wonderful day laugh

Great e-safety work for the first day back!



Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful half term and enjoyed the glorious sunshine we have had.  The world is still looking a little different right now - we are all still having to make sure we follow social distancing so please do make sure you keep yourselves and your families safe when you are out and about for your exercise.

This is your last term at primary school. For some of you this will be really exciting, for others it will fill you with nerves.  All of this is OK and perfectly normal.  Either way, it is not happening quite as we had planned......

We will spend this term continuing with our learning, but also developing other skills that will help us get ready for secondary school.  I have now spoken with all your new school and they have all the information they need about what good learners your are.  They are very excited for you to be joining them in Year 7!


Some of you will be starting back in school on the 15th of June and we will do some of this work together.  For those of you carrying on with home learning, we can do this together through the class webpage.  No matter what choices your adult have made, the decision is right for you and no one will miss out on what we have planned this term.  Everything we will do can be accessed by everyone smiley


Your new packs are waiting for you at school.  Your adult will get a message from Karen letting them know when they can collect it.  Until then, we will be doing lots of finishing off and work on Purple Mash and TT Rockstars.


Have a great start to the term and I look forward to getting lots of emails of your wonderful learning laugh


Happy Half Term! Lost for something to do? Have a game of bingo! Send in your pictures :-)

Great learning for the end of term!

End of Term FRIYAY!!!!

You have successfully made it to the end of Term 5 and I could not be more proud of all the hard work and learning you have done.  It has been a real pleasure receiving pictures of your work each day and I love checking Purple Mash to see how you have tackled the tasks.

Today we are doing a lot of finishing off of things in the pack......but more importantly, celebrating you!

Each and every one of you is amazing and when things are a little bit different in our lives, it is easy to forget that.

There is a special activity in your packs I would like you all to do today - once you have finished it, put it somewhere in your house so you get a daily reminder of just how amazing you are.

Have a great day! laugh

A great start to our work on renewable energy!

It's not just Friday's half term eve!

Today we are completing our work on statistics and looking at renewable energy - fancy!

Whilst we still have a couple of days, why not have a go at one of the light investigation activities set by Mr Boulton, remember to send in photos!

Keep going, 2 more days of learning left this term!

Have a wonderful day laugh 

Paras' Prism Poster!

Welcome to Wednesday!

I've had questions from some of you asking what school will be like when Year 6 are able to come in.

Yes it will look different, but remember differences make everything unique.  You are a unique Year 6 - you are making living history.  Past Year 6 haven't done this and who knows what future Year 6 will go through.  I know the usual end of year traditions are going to have to change, but we are going to make new ones.  And new is always exciting!


Keep an eye out on the website - Miss Sexton and Miss Hart are making a marvellous video and taking more pictures for you to see how school is looking.  


It's going to be a really hot day today, so make sure you dig out your sun cream before going for your walk and exercise!


Have a brilliant day and remember to just do what you can laugh

This work on Thomas Edison is 'Lit!' are welcome :-)

Happy Tuesday!

Well done for starting the week well yesterday - I have seen some lovely learning, especially on Purple Mash!

Remember you can always take photos of the work in your books and send them to me.


Your adults will have received a text from school today.  It is important that they read it and the letter on the school website - school will be back open to Year 6 from the 15th of June.  This is so we can make sure we keep all the children safe.  Please ask your adult to email Karen and let her know whether you will be coming back to school, or if you are carrying on your learning at home.


Have fun completing the activities today!

Welcome to the last Monday of term 5!

Can you believe we are in the final week of term already?  The days are going by very quickly, I hope you took some time to go out in the sunshine over the weekend!

Today we start another fun week of learning - we are continuing with Science so keep checking back to the investigation page from Mr Boulton, there are lots of great activities on there!

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing lots of your learning laugh

Wonderful wishes from some interesting looking genies........

Happy Friyay!

I absolutely loved your genies from yesterday - it was lovely to see your faces......and read some very interesting wishes!

I've carried on with that theme for you today!

Have a fantastic day and a lovely weekend in the sunshine laugh

The Big Westcourt Quiz - Answers!

Some more great learning from today!

It's Friday eve again!

This week it's a little bit different.  


Check out the activities for today to find out what's going on.  I think there are going to be some wonderful genies in this class......


The last activity is the most important.  Celebrate you!  You may not be sitting your SATs, but you worked hard for them and you deserve to recognise and celebrate all the effort you put in.  We may not be able to have a dance off, but you can all celebrate in style!


Have a lovely day laugh

Great learning from today!

Welcome to Wednesday!

I hope you had the loveliest day yesterday - looks like the sunshine is making a comeback!

Today take some time to focus on you and realise just how amazing you are.  It's too easy to forget what makes us all unique when our daily routine changes.  Some of your activities today will help with this.


In your packs I have also put a Covid-19 time capsule.  Over the next few weeks spend some time filling it in.  In years to come you will have it to look back on and share what you did during this time. 


Have a great day laugh


Some super learning from Kayla and Zakir, also the new skill of Bokken learnt by the young grasshopper.....Thomas!

Happy Tuesday!


Some great learning from yesterday!  As you know, we are now working on the Science topic LIGHT.  What have you found out about light so far?

Mr Boulton has set you a series of Science investigations and challenges.  I'll put the link below the one for today.

Why not have a go at a challenge a day?  Email me your pictures and I'll put them on here for you.

Have a lovely day laugh

Science books and VE Day pancakes

Some more great VE Day learning today!

Happy Friday eve - you've made it t the end of the working week!

Please make sure you take some time today to go over to Miss Sexton's page and listen tot he extracts from the diary of the school - they're fascinating!

There are lots more interesting activities for you to take part in today - you might also like to finish any other VE Day work you can find in your packs.

Have a great day and check back later for a VE Day activity update!

Wing commander Thomas got very creative this afternoon and had a ‘fly’ off between a spitfire and a jet fighter...........these are their maiden flights!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Great use of language in Lillie-Mae’s invitation today!

Super learning from today! Some very impressive Spitfire designs.....including a video of Kayla's actually flying!

Thanks for your email Kayla - great question!

When it says the sides are all a multiple of 2, it means they are in the 2 times table/ can be divided equally by 2.

Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday!


You have some more exciting activities today, including making a paper aeroplane!  As well as your learning below, I have set a couple more purple mash activities you can chose to do whenever you like this week.  

Have fun and send in those videos laugh


Some great learning from today!

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday smiley

How did you find yesterday?  Is anyone now an official Jedi......or did you turn to the dark side and become a storm trooper?  I was tempted after the dancing!

Here's your learning for today.  Have fun and I look forward to seeing lots of your lovely tea cup designs!  

Thanks for your email Bose!  Great spot - there is a reason for this though.....all will become clear at half term.  I have put a little pack of activities together in with your work for you all to do then too.

Need some ideas about what to research for VE Day? Check out Lillie-Mae's ideas!

Some VE Day learning inspiration from Akhram......and some impressive baking. Learning from home at its best!

Happy Star Wars Day!

You have another day of learning challenges to start the week - how will you channel your inner jedi to solve them?

This week also starts our work around VE day.  

I'd love to see your learning from today; when you have finished, take a picture and email it through to the class email address.


Have a great day and may the 4th be with you laugh

It's Friyay!laugh

Today we are having a big finishing off day with all the work in your packs.

An adult from your house can come and collect your new pack from 9:30am today in the Foxes Dan.  There are lots of fun activities in there!

Keep going with your fantastic learning and I look forward to seeing what you get up to.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Some super learning from the last couple of days!

Happy Friday Eve!

We're near the end of the second week back of home learning and I am so impressed with how much effort you are putting in.  I cannot wait to see some of your finished Greek projects.

Have a fantastic day!

Some beautiful rock painting by Charlie - I wonder if you have seen any of the rocks on your daily walks? Let us know if you have!

Who managed to spot the problem with your maths.........I did when I went into the office this morning laugh

The maths I have set you is still sitting on my desk, so you won't be able to find it in your packs!

So instead, I have set you a Purple Mash maths challenge.  We can go back to the triangles next week laugh

Have fun!

Welcome to Wednesday!

You may have to get a bit creative with your 30 minutes of exercise each day for a while....the rain looks like it could be with us for a few more days!

Remember to try your best with your learning, but it's OK to have an 'off day' too.  We are all finding things very tricky at the moment.  You have a mindfulness colouring collection in your packs, so if that helps keep you calm, get it out for 15 minutes.


Have a great day smiley

Happy Tuesday everyone!

There are 2 attachments today - one is your learning task and the other is a resource.

I'm in school today and it is very strange being here without all of you.......mainly because it is so quiet wink

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing lots of pictures of your learning!

Remember, there's still time to finish you day as a Knight activity on Purple Mash!

Great learning from yesterday!

Good morning laugh

Welcome back to week 2!  You sent in some fantastic learning last week, and I really look forward to seeing what you get up to this week.

Check out the work set for today - remember you can do it in any order.

Missing you all lots.

Have a great day!

The Mystery is Solved

Some great learning for a Friyay!

Here are the final 3 clues solved......

Well done Zakir, you have also worked out who it is!

The clues completed so far.........I’ll post the other 3 later!

Congratulations Kayla and Akhram!  You correctly worked out the name of the guilty person!

Akhram, your email was brilliant!

Keep going everyone else, the first clue answer will be with you soon......

It's Friyay!

Well done for all your hard work this week - I am so incredibly proud of you all.

Keep sending in your pictures, it's lovely to share them with everyone!

As well as the work in your packs, there is also a small mindfulness colouring pack.  We are a class that love to colour.  Remember it is OK to find things difficult at the moment.  If you are having a 'tricky' day, get the pack out and give yourself a brain break.  Just 15 minutes will do you the world of good.  I have my one too smiley.

Some great learning from today!

Hi everyone!  Clue 3 is really challenging so please don't worry.  We were going to learn how to do this all together this term..... socially distancing has made this a bit challenging for us, but we can still do it together!  

If you would like to have a go at it, try balancing either side of the = sign. Use your knowledge of the inverse to help.  Each letter will be worth a number.  I'll show you my answers tomorrow smiley

Thursday 23rd April

This isn't just any Friday eve's St George's Day!  Have a fantastic day and I can't wait to read some of your versions of George and the Dragon!

Some great learning from today! The message boxes seemed to have disappeared from Purple Mash - I'll try and find out what's happened.

Just had a great question from Kayla about sticking the maths questions into your books.  

No you don't need to - you can do the working out on the other half of the question page and then write the answer on the question.

Thank you for your emails Ana Maria - I can't reply to you on Purple Mash until you have completed work and handed it in.  The message boxes only work when that's been done.  Let me know if you need any help with it.

Happy Wednesday! My goodness there is something ridiculously exciting waiting in your learning today.......cannot wait to hear what you think about it. Maybe you can get the whole family involved :)

Some great learning about the Ancient Greek Olympics on Purple Mash today!

TT Rockstars update - well done Akhram and Rio, I have tried several time but I just can't beat your scores, you must be so incredibly fast!

I'm going to keep trying all day now, we know I like a good competition laugh

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Enjoy your learning today - cannot wait to see how you get on.

A great recount from Thomas.....who, according to his email address, may now also be known as the 'Director of Chuckles'. His recount certainly did make me chuckle in places!


How's your first day of term gone?

I've had a few emails saying that you can't hand in the pizza fraction work - please don't worry, because it is a maths game I can see that you've done it.  You don't actually need to hand it in because it isn't a document for you to do.

Well done all of you that had a go!

Hi everyone!


I hope you had a lovely Easter break smiley.

Thank you for all the pictures of what you got up to over Easter.  Please keep sending them in - I'll make a gallery so you can see what each other got up to.  


Can you believe we are already in Term 5?  This year really is flying by, and under the strangest of circumstances.  You have all been doing really well with your online learning.  I have loved seeing your projects on Ancient Greeks (please keep going with these), your work on Purple Mash has been super and those of you that have been challenging me on TT Rockstars.......thanks!


We're going to do things a little bit differently this term - each day I will attach a link for you to click on.  This will give you your activities for the day.  In Term 6 we spend a lot of time getting ready for secondary school. so I thought we'd start now by giving you some roe independence now and see what you think.  Rather than me ask you to do your learning in a set order, I'll give you activities and you can chose how/when you do them through the day (obviously in discussion with your adults at home).


Email me using:  and let me know what you think!


PLEASE remember, it is important that you do complete your learning as this will help you in the future. 

Lots of you have emailed about the SATs.  Remember that your learning is for life, not just for tests.  Yes we did learn strategies for taking them to help you, can use these strategies in secondary school, so you've had a great head start!


I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing pictures of your learning laugh

Monday 20th April 2020

Your adult can come and collect your next pack of learning from school on Tuesday 21st April.

Please ask them to check their text messages for details.

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone!


Miss Pattenden has just messaged and would like to wish you all a very happy Easter break smiley


We have made it to the last day of term - and I don't know about you, but it feels a little strange.

You should all be so incredibly proud of what you have achieved - you kept your learning going, even when things have got tough.  It is important to remember all your resilience strategies and that things will eventually go back to normal.


Term starts again on Monday 20th April.  Please check our class web page for your instructions for the day.  Your adults will also receive a message about picking up packs of learning after that, which we will complete together electronically.


Check out the attachments below over Easter. One of them will help you with mindfulness - lots of you have been finding this time harder than usual, these strategies might really help.

The other is some fun Easter suggestions.  Make sure you take lots of photos and send them in - we can then all see what everyone has been up to.


Happy holidays laugh

Paras and his family have made a very comfy looking den and chosen the classic 'Wizard of Oz' to watch. Brilliant choice :)

Ksenija has decided Harry Potter is her reward movie of choice, and Kayla has made an amazing den. Check it out!

Thomas has written a lovely ending to his story - he's right, I do miss seeing you faces!

Some great writing from Zakir!

Friday 3rd April

Good morning everyone, and happy last day of term!


Just like if we were at school, we are going to have a finishing off last day of term....ending with something a bit different!


Please complete your 20 minutes in each of your maths, SPaG and reading booklets - for some of you, it'll just be finishing off a few questions.  If you think you ave finished, please go through and check all the questions you have circled.  If you are still unsure how to answer them, then take a photo of the question and email it to me, I can then phone and talk you through it smiley.


Then I would like you to read through your narrative so far.  Have you varied your sentence structure?  Have you challenged yourself to use interesting punctuation?  Remember to read it out loud to check it make sense. Once you are happy......write your ending!  What happens to the penguin?  Does he ever make it home?  Does he decide to live in another country? Keep it as exciting as the rest of your narrative - we always talk about oomph!  How will you give it an oomph ending?

Once you've finished your narrative, take photos and email them to me and we can share your writing with everyone.


This afternoon we would normally doing something creative whilst watching a movie......because that's how we celebrate the end of term!

This afternoon, why not get your whole family involved and build a den in the living room?  You could use anything around the house (with permission surprise) make it as interesting and as comfy as your can....then settle down and watch a movie together.

Pictures of your dens would be great, remember to let me know what movie you've watched too!


At the end of the day I'll put ideas up for exciting things you could do over Easter.


Have a wonderful last day of term laugh

Hi everyone!  Thank you for your emails - well done Bose for beating my TT Rockstars points for you!


A few of you have asked me about the spelling test in the middle of the SPaG paper, well it’s your lucky day!  I’m having technology problems so can’t record the test for you.  I know you’ll all be so disappointed about that.....


Why not give the test to an adult at home and ask them to make spellings up for you smiley

Super writing from Kayla this morning!

I’ve just been on TT Rockstars........5 house points for anyone who can beat my score laugh

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning laugh


I have seen some great writing from yesterday - I'm so impressed you have remembered all our strategies and features of good writing.


Today I would like you to continue with 20 minutes for each supbject in your packs, they're so close to being finished!

After you've had a break, I'd like you to continue with your writing.  Just like when we are at school, put the short date in the margin then continue.  Today you can write the problem and the resolution to your story - remember to continue to refer back to your story map to help with ideas.


Thank you so much for your emails, I love getting your pictures and funny stories of what you are doing.  I have also had a few that are saying you are finding this really difficult.

It's OK to find your learning hard, and please tell your adults it's OK if you aren't able to compelte something so long as you have tried.  Remember that you are not actually in school - you are all just doing your best to carry on with learning in a new way.  The most important thing is that you are happy and healthy.  If that means leaving a question and moving on, then please do that.  This current set up is new to all of us and we are all learning together, even your teachers in school.  We are all just trying to find our new 'normal' until all of this is over, so enjoy spending the time with your families.


Great news!  Audible have released some books for free on Amazon for children whilst the schools are closed.  If you adult says it is OK then you could finish listening to the firework makers daughter......I just checked and it's one of their books!


Have a lovely day!

A great start to the class narrative by Leo and Ana Maria!

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone!


I am so impressed with your learning so far this week - lots of you are still sending in pictures and that is great!  I cannot wait to read your final narratives smiley


Today, please remember to do you daily PE.  Joe Wicks is still doing a daily PE session at 9am on youtube.  

Complete the work in your packs - 20 minutes on each maths, reading and SPaG. 


For your second learning slot this morning, I would like you to start your narratives - the adventure of the penguin!

Think about the features we use for a narrative, this is what our SC would look like:

* opening

*build up

* problem

* resolution

* ending

Also remember the features of your writing that have been so impressive this year, including varying your sentence structure and using a range of punctuation - this keeps your writing even more exciting!

Today, use your orange work books to begin your story.  I'll start mine too so keep checking this page if you want some more ideas.

Write the date and then the title of your story as the LO.

I would like you to write the opening and the build-up.  Remember the more drama the better!


This afternoon, you could spend time doing some electronic learning please go on to TT Rockstars and continue learning your timestables.


Have a great day!


Well done Leo and Lillie-D, another couple of great ideas for your narratives this week!

A great first story map by Thomas! A bit scared at the thought of an army of penguins.........

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning!

Today I would like you do just do the 20 minutes of maths from your packs.  For the rest of the time, I would like you to take out one of the plain pieces of paper and create a story map.

The story is of the travelling penguin!

Last week you saw he had broken in to school.....then he followed me home!  We now know he is on his way back to Antarctica.


Your challenge for this week is to write his journey as a story (what better way to end the term than with a great narrative!).

Today, please just complete the story map - think carefully about sequencing the events and adding vocabulary to help you when you start writing.  You might like to google a route he could take and include countries he may stop in on the way.  In my story map he stops in France for a nap and a baguette!  

Please take a photo of your story map and email it to me - then we can share them for other people to magpie ideas!

We will move on to the writing tomorrow.


You also have another safety activity for your electronic learning time - please complete a leaflet on e-safety.


Have a penguintastic day! 🐧

So, after feeding the penguin I had to explain this was not the right place for him......he needed to go back to the Antarctic. He initially thought getting the bus was a good idea, can you believe that? I took him down to the beach and had to use my unimpressed face to make him leave! I wonder if he made it home????

There has been some fantastic e-safety learning today - well done!


Ana, please do not worry - there are lots of children finding the SPaG challenging, just remember what we have learnt in school and apply those strategies.  I am currently learning how to make a video to put on here to help explain it all smiley.


Lillie-D has been working on a fantastic presentation on the Ancient Greeks!


Now, lots of you have asked what was tapping on the door.  Well, you won’t believe it........the penguin must have followed me home!  I wonder how I Am going to get it back to its home?  Any ideas would be greatly received!

A riddle from Bose to start the week:

I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I? 

Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone😁

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Today you will be starting you ‘Set B’ for your learning.  Well done for all your hard work last week on the Set A booklets - I know some of the questions were really challenging.


Why not start your day doing the Joe Wicks PE lesson?  That’s how I’m starting mine again.  Then move on to 20 minutes of each maths, SPaG then the reading paper.

For your electronic learning, please log on to Purple Mash.  The way we are learning together now has changed, it means you are doing a lot more learning on the computer so it is important we remember how to stay safe on line.  Your task is linked to e-safety.


Keep going with your Ancient Greeks project - I can’t wait to see how they’re developing!


I’ve got to go......there’s a very loud tapping noise coming from the garden, I need to go and check what it is...........

Paras has asked if you can do some baking as a homework challenge - this is a fantastic idea!


If you’re doing any cooking with your families this weekend, why not take a photo and email it to me; we can all see what each other have been doing over the weekend.

Some absolutely fantastic newspaper writing from the last 2 days! The journalists for the BBC need to watch out :)

Ayisha - thank you for your TT Rockstars challenge - it really was a challenge for a Friday!

I’ve set you all quite a tricky one......good luck smiley

Friday 27th March


Good morning everyone!

What a tiring day it was yesterday - who would have thought having a penguin in school would have caused so much extra work laugh

Today, I would like you to go back to your packs and complete 20 minutes on each maths, reading and SPaG.  Then for your electronic learning, I would like you to finish your newspaper articles - please remember to 'hand-in' so that I can see the finished articles.  So far they are looking great!  There has been brilliant use of humour in Rio's, Thomas has made a brilliant start and I am sure one day Kayla will make a fantastic journalist....great effort guys!


Please also make sure that you are doing some form of PE - it's good for your brain as well as your body.  If you are still able to move after a week of Joe Wicks then you could tune in to him again tomorrow at 9.....if, like me, your legs now ache, then why not try some yoga instead?  This link:  will take you to cosmic kids yoga.  It's a nice one to do with younger siblings as well because it tells you stories.


There are lots of exciting ways to do your learning online now.  However please always remember to use search engines safely.  If you are not sure, then always ask an adult to help.  Part of our electronic learning time next week will be to do some e-safety lessons.


Have a lovely day smiley

Year 6 - unbelievably, Miss Hart has now been caught by the penguin!! What on earth should she do now? If you can think of a way for her to escape please let me know (the more creative the better and I'll share them on the class page)......otherwise she'll be there all night!

Hi everyone! Can you believe that the penguin is still causing problems here at school?  It's now chasing Miss Hart around the library!

A couple of you have said that your newspaper report is talking about aliens.....try closing Purple Mash down and starting again - I set blank templates so you could do your own.  If this doesn't work, then you can just ignore the alien part and type over it.


For those of you have trouble with the pictures, you can right click on the ones on this page, then save them onto your computer.  That way you can then use them in Purple Mash.


I hope you are having fun with this - I cannot wait to read them!

Up-date for you. The penguin is refusing to leave. Miss Sexton had to come in to school to try and get it to leave. I heard her say to the penguin 'You must leave this building right now - this is no place for a penguin!' The penguin was then later spotted by Mark in the kitchen....apparently he was trying to steal food!

Thursday 26th March


Today I have come in to school for the first time since Monday.......I could not believe what I saw!

A penguin, that's right, a PENGUIN has broken in to the school!


Today, I would like you to spend your learning time writing a newspaper article about the penguin that broke in to school.  

Think about the features of a newspaper article - use quotes (check back later to find out what Miss Sexton thought!)  I will send you a To-Do on Purple Mash to complete this activity.  

You might like to include facts about penguins and maybe even eye witness accounts of those that saw the penguin walking in to school.

You could include these photos!


I look forward to seeing your newspaper reports at the end of the day!


The penguin was so forceful with the door, it knocked Bert over!

I've had some brilliant pictures sent in today! Well done Lillie for using your maths skills to bake. Thomas your desk space looks very tidy......maybe you can draw us an update in a couple of weeks time :) Bose, what a thoughtful quote you have included in your diary entry. I look forward to seeing how your fruit and vegetables grow!

Thanks for your emails!


Paras - I agree! I'm tired after doing to workout too.  Just think how fit everyone will be though doing this every day!


Leo - thanks for the riddle!  I'll share it for everyone to try and work out.  Can you email the answer to me so we can share it at the end of the day?

You can also all email me your guesses.


Leo's riddle:  I stand in the corner of a building and I never move but my children travel everywhere. What am I??

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning everyone!

It’s another lovely sunny day – remember you can go out for a walk with your family so long as you stay away from other people.  It’s important to do this to keep everyone safe.


Why not start your day with PE with Joe Wicks again:


Today I would like you to do another 20 mins of maths, SPAG and reading in your packs.  Remember to keep using your good strategies.  If there are questions you are finding particularly tricky, why not send me a picture of it via email and I’ll share it with everyone on the class web page.  It’s likely it will help lots of you.


Great news!! David Walliams is reading some of his stories for children every day at 11am.  I know lots of you are huge fans, so why not check out his website:


For your electronic learning, remember that TT Rockstars ha another tournament this week.  I have also set another purple mash task.  If we were in school we’d be looking at statistics, so there is an activity based on graphs for you to complete.

Have a lovely day laugh

Well done Lillie for catching up with all your learning!  We all hope you are feeling better smiley


Ayisha - what a great start to your project on the Ancient Greeks!

Some great home learning from Jasmine today!

Thank you for your email Simarpreet - well done for working through your pack. Remember to follow the instructions on the letter,  You only need to do 20 minutes of one of the maths papers a day.  You will eventually then finish them all.


Thank you for yours too Vilte - I am currently working out how I can record your spelling test for you smiley.  For now just go past the spelling part and carry on with the rest of the paper.


I'm so very proud of you all for continuing with your learning independently!

Who tried the Joe Wicks PE lesson this morning?  Let me know what you thought - I'm exhausted!  

When doing 'the mummy' exercise the postman walked past my window......he must have thought I was waving because he waved back.  Safe to say I think we are now friends!


Most of you would have heard the news from last night.  Please remember to listen carefully to your adults - it is so important you stay safe, and this means staying inside.


Let me know how you are keeping yourselves busy when you aren't completing learning time.  Other people might like to magpie your ideas!

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning!

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful learning yesterday - it really made me smile reading your diary entries.


This morning, why not have a go at the Joe Wicks work out for PE?

I'm going to do it at home too..........I'll let you know how long it takes before I need to stop smiley  let me know how far you get!


Today I would like you to do the learning time work in your packs.  Remember, 20 minutes of each: maths, SPAG and reading.  Remember all of our strategies - they will help you get the right answers.

I read lots of your letters to your future selves on the last day.  Many of you feel like you have wasted your time because the SATs are not happening now.  I want you all to remember that is absolutely not the case, please don't be down heartened - your learning is for life and you are all still getting ready for secondary school.  All the work you have done will help you in the next stage of schooling - and I have every faith that you will all carry on doing brilliantly!


Don't forget to complete your AR time and continue with your project on the Ancient Greeks!

Charlie - I love your diary entry!  Great use of the word restraint!
Hi!  Lots of you are emailing and asking how to submit the division work. Don't panic - you can't submit it, it's purely a game for you to develop faster division skills.  You can submit your second purple mash challenge though.  I look forward to seeing your movie scenes!

Thank you Kayla for your diary entry - sounds like you've had a busy weekend! I've added mine too :)

Hi everyone!


I’ve had lots of emails from you saying purple mash isn’t working.  Please don’t worry.  It’ll be because so many children around the country will be trying to use it.

Just keep trying to go on there throughout the day.


One of you asked about whether to draw the picture straight into the book or on paper.  You can either draw it on the plain paper and then cut it out and stick in the book, or you can draw it straight into the book.


Well done for so many of you trying to get your learning done this morning!  I cannot wait to to see what you have written!

Monday 23rd March

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a lovely weekend smiley

Thank you for your emails - they have really made me laugh - and you'll all be pleased to know that I now have some flour, so yes......... I can make pancakes!


Looking at your timetable for today, rather than doing the 20 minutes of maths, SPaG and reading papers, I would like you to get out your work books. 

Today is the first day of us learning in a different way.  It might feel a little strange, but remember that it's OK to feel like that.  We're all learning like this together and it is a new experience for everyone.


In your books, I'd like you to draw a picture of what your new learning space looks like.  It might be a picture of you at a desk in your room, at your family dinner table, or even you sitting in the garden with your learning (as it is so lovely and sunny!).  I'd then like you to write a diary entry that covers your weekend and the start of today.  Remember to use all the features of a diary that we have worked on previously - and to do it in your best hadwriting!

This is you marking history in your own way.  


Remember, you can email me the pictures and I'll upload them to our class page and you can all see how each other are learning.  I'll put a picture of mine to!  I have the house point chart ready to go so when you've emailed the picture remember to let me know which house you are in and I'll add your points.  

Let's see which house is winning by the end of the week!


For your online learning, I have also set you a couple of activities on purple mash....... have fun!

Hi everyone!

Don't forget to share your home learning letter and pack with your adults at home smiley.


I'm going to leave you with a'll get the answer tomorrow:


What question can you never answer yes to?


See you in the morning!

Term 1 Creative Homework

We had lots of lovely homework to share from our creative home learning in Term 1!

Useful Web links: