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Sri Lanka (Year 6)

If you are home awaiting a Covid-19 test, here are some links to keep you up-to-date with your learning.

Sri Lanka Class Family Assembly

Check out our Antarctic homework!

19.11.20 - Hi Izzobella and Nancy!

I hope you are having a good week and your assessments are going well.

Unfortunately we can’t all do a zoom/ FaceTime call tomorrow with the school class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate!  I hope you are having fun planning your activity.

I will arrange to call you both on video, hopefully at the same time and I will be able to do your spelling test for you then. Once you’ve finished all of them it would be great if your adult could bring them in to school.

See you soon,

Miss Marshall smiley

16.11.20 - Hi Izzobella, remember we said not to worry about the spellings.  I’m trying to work out a way to either record what the words are, or video the test.  If we can’t it doesn’t matter - we will work something out.  Just make sure you have completed the other paper.

Have a good day smiley

Hi Izzobella,  thanks for the question - yes I would say it does want you to write about the story.  Each day there is some sort of written activity in that English pack.

13.11.20 - Hi Izzobella, thank you for the pictures of the fantastic learning!  You have worked so hard!

I love your idea about the reward afternoon on Friday.  I’ll check with Miss Sexton and see if we can set something up.  If we can I’ll let you both know!

13.11.20 - Hi Nancy, I did get your email.  I know it is hard but I’m sure the time will fly by.  We’re getting the pack together for you today so you’ll have it ready to go for Monday.  And luckily at the end of next week there is a reward afternoon so that will be something to look forward to smiley

12.11.20 - Hi Izzobella, I did get your email thank you, so it did work smiley

I can’t reply back to your email, but I will reply on here so remember to check back on the class webpage after you have sent one

Enjoy reading our Term 2 newsletter!

How will you use our Term 2 knowledge organiser to help with your learning?

We used our computing skills to create our own games based on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur!

Percy Jackson got very dramatic - we even had to investigate the crime scene!

Welcome back to school!

We have an exciting year of learning ahead.

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