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At the moment I am not getting your emails through the Sri Lanka email so can you please email me at my email address until the issue is resolved.

Apologies for those of you who have already sent in your work

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Welcome to Week 2!

Good morning all - not too long now until we will be back together again! Well done for all of your hard work last week - I can’t wait to see what you produce this week! 

As a Monday treat I have some very special news for you- the newest member of Sri Lanka class has arrived. Baby Hazel is here! If you have any messages you would like me to pass on to Miss Marshall I would be happy to do so. Lets have a great week and I shall leave you with some beautiful photos.

Speak to you soon

Miss Hart 🤩

Baby Hazel 😊

Freya - Love that you videoed your story - I was really hoping for a dramatic reading of it though! 🤪


I am so proud of all of your amazing work on fractions - you have smashed it today!


Also, your pictures on purple mash really made me chuckle - you would all make amazing pirates!


Freya’s story

Still image for this video

Amazing learning today everyone - really proud of the amazing maths in particular. You have really used what you have already learnt to help you!


I have passed your messages onto Miss Marshall - she said thank you and that they were lovely! 🥰


Don’t forget to be completing AR quizzes too - not many of you have been doing this so far. Would be really good to get a head start so that the whole class can meet their target!

Simra - You got the year I was born right! Let’s not tell anyone else thought otherwise they will be able to work out my age!


Chloe - Thank you so much for your work but can you look at the website in the morning to check that you are doing the right pages for the day.


Freya - Will you please stop baking such amazing looking goodies - you are making me so hungry!


Jack - I hear that you enjoyed that I found making the video difficult so you wanted me to do another one! Cheeky!


Tommy - I need to know more about your beautiful new woofer - what is his name? I am not surprised that you spending a lot of time with him, I wouldn’t leave him alone either!

Good afternoon all, thank you for all the work you have sent in so far today - I will put that up a little bit later. I understand that some of you are struggling with the rounding numbers work today so have done a little video that will hopefully help you!

Rounding numbers - Wednesday 24th Feb

This is "Rounding numbers - Wednesday 24th Feb" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

I know some of you found the rounding difficult today - I hope the video help. Thank you all to helping me learn a new skill today!


Tommy - loving your green pen work today!


Simra - It makes me chuckle to know that you are annoying your brother with your noisy fidgets. You picked a good day for a long walk today - the weather was lovely!


Harvey - Your island sounds perfect for me! Beaches and mountains (I have always wanted to go to Mount Everest!).Not sure I would want to be going into the sea though, all of the fishes swimming too close scares me!


Freya - I love going to historical places so your island sounds great too! Maybe we could merge yours and Harveys islands together to make the perfect one for me!\


Well, I really want to go on holiday now! At least the weather is cheering up here now!


Have a lovely evening and I shall speak with you tomorrow!

Well, I am so proud of you all! Your place value skills have improved so much! Amazing work all of you! I can’t wait to tell Miss Marshall; she will be very happy indeed!


Freya - I am glad that Snuggles does not keep you awake all night otherwise that would be quite annoying!


Tommy - Don’t worry that your story map does not have any picture on it, you can include the information in any way you like! You know that I am not the best artist either. As long as you know the story, that is fine.


Chloe - Lovely to hear from you. I am very much looking forward to being your teacher too!


Simra - Love your creative learning hat you did over half term. I love the noises that the make - very therapeutic! Have you been annoying everyone at home with them?


Simra s additional home learning

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Some amazing work coming in today - I am really pleased at how well you have been able to order large numbers. Don’t forget that use commas to split up the place value in a large number to make it easier to read. For example 3,456,892. I can see some of you did this but if you found it difficult this might help you a bit!


Simra - I had a lovely half term thank you. I hope that you did too!


Freya - Snuggles is adorable! Has he kept you up at night? I can remember when I had hamsters they would always play in their squeaky wheel at night!


Aaron - I had a lovely half term thank you; I hope that you did too. On your map, you could tell me where it is by using latitude and longitude references. As long as you have designed your island and know what it is like there that is fine- you will need this information later on in the week!


I have been very busy today and completed your work too. Tomorrow morning we shall have some green pen time! I will post my answers along with your work for tomorrow in the morning, then you can have a look at how you have done and ask me if you have any questions. Also, you can double check that I have done everything correctly!

How cute is Snuggles!

Still image for this video

Good morning Miss Marshall, 

We are all going to miss you loads and loads. Good luck with the arrival of your baby.

From everyone in Sri Lanka class,


Hi Sri Lanka class laugh


I have absolutely loved being able to work with you for an extra term as we have all been doing home learning.  You should be so incredibly proud of all you have achieved - I am so proud of you all for your dedication and perseverance to your learning during this time.  It hasn't been easy, but you have been amazing!


Although I won't be working with you, next term you will be carrying on with Treasure Island (I know you love it!) and Miss Hart and Miss Kitchener are really looking forward to seeing all your wonderful learning.  I will be keeping an eye on what you get up to and when it is safe to do so, I will come back and visit you all.


Keep being your fabulous selves and remember you are all capable of achieving great things.  I want to leave you with this little video - it's the book we read on the first day in Year  6 together heart.


I will miss you all but hope to see you soon,


Miss Marshall xx



Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss | Subtitled

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for all those lovely pictures and messages - they really made me smile🥰

And thank you for the lovely emails you have sent me today.  I really will miss you all but I hope to see you soon.  

Freya, they look delicious and I have saved the recipe and will be making those as soon as I can! 

Fabulous last day of term learning!

Hi! Thank you for your emails - the photos playing in the snow look fab, and your pirate pictures are incredible!

A couple of you have found the fractions questions tricky in the arithmetic test - please do not worry.  It is absolutely OK to need help with these things, you have not me enough in school for a whole term and we did arithmetic together every day.  When you are back at school Miss Hart and Miss Kitchener will go over all of things with you lots of times so you get back into the habit of doing them.  Please do not worry.

Marvellous Monday work and some fun in the snow!

Hi Aaron, thank you for your email.  I can see you are working really hard!

The answers are updated daily at the bottom of the main page.  Let me know if you need any more help laugh

Tommy has gone real life treasure hunting this afternoon - check out the photos from today to see him in action!
Hi Freya, thanks for your email!  The hat looks adorable - great skills!
Well done Bella and Tommy for meeting your AR targets this week! 👏

What a fantastic pirate video! It’s very funny 😀

Still image for this video

A brilliant start to your home learning today!

Hi Freya, thanks for the email!

I can see you have tried your hardest with the measures - if you let me know which questions it was I can always help you.  The Nutella cookies look incredible!

Hi Tommy, thanks for the email!

Don’t worry that you couldn’t find your own pulse rate for the investigation - I love that you got mum involved with it too!  The most important part is that you could see a difference in the results, it doesn’t matter whose results they are laugh

Hi Hayden, I got mum’s email, please could you ask her to email me again and include her phone number.  Thank you laugh

Terrific Tuesday work - check out Jack’s video!

Hi Aaron, thank you for your email!

I’m afraid I am not in school, but if your mum phones up tomorrow morning and asks about your PE kit then someone may be able to take it down there for you.  The phone number is 01474 566411.

All the answers are at the bottom of the page smiley

Hi everyone!  I’ve just had a look on AR and some of you are very close to meting your target - keep up the great work!

Remember you can read and do a quiz on MyOn, it’s the same password as your AR.

Hi Jack!  Thanks for your email - I am indeed getting your work, I’ve just uploaded a selection of everyone’s learning on the webpage for you to see laugh

Marvellous Monday work - check out Tommy’s delicious looking cheesecake!

Fabulous Fri-YAY learning - check out Bella’s pirate ship!

Hi Simra,  thank you for your email.

I’m afraid I won’t try logging on as you on my phone as they are your personal details, however if you look at the picture you sent me, you have put a mixture of capitals and lower case for your username.

These should all be the same so I suggest you try all lower case with your password and then if that doesn’t work all upper case with your password.

When I do it on the school ipad it does work.  If you are still having problems you may need to email Miss Hart as she sets you all up on AR and MyOn.  When she checked for you last week she was also able to log on without problems.  Good luck!

Hi Tommy, thank you for the email from your mum.  I have tried phoning a couple of times again today but it isn’t going through.

I will try again tomorrow afternoon laugh

Wonderful Wednesday work and some delicious looking chocolate cake!

Hi Freya - your audition sounds so exciting!  I can’t wait to find out more!


Hi Tommy - I did get the picture last week of your writing, but everyone had still just done the plan.  You can absolute spend time today editing and improving your writing, just like we would in school.  Remember to check for spellings, punctuation, sentence structure and interesting vocabulary.

Fabulous Friday learning - and some delicious looking home baking!

Wonderful Wednesday work - Freya and Harvey your factfiles are fantastic!

Hi Freya!

Thanks for the email - sounds like you are so busy.  Love that you chose dance today, such a good way to start the day!

Your singing group project sounds interesting, I look forward to hearing more about it laugh

Hi Freya,  Thanks for the email!  I can see you have worked super hard again today.  Don’t worry if you couldn’t see all the questions - not too sure why that has happened, but I know you are doing your best laugh

Hi Jack!

Thanks for your email - you are so welcome, it was very well deserved!

If your certificate isn't in the pack, then you could ask mum to phone school and see if it can be collected?  Or try and print it from our photos if you have a printer at home.  Hope this helps!

Fantastic Friday learning! I am loving your monster treats - they look tasty and terrifying!

Look at these amazing games!

Check out this musical video to go along with his very creative writing from today!

Still image for this video

Your wonderful Wednesday work!

A great creative idea from Freya today!

Param has found some creative ways to keep himself entertained during lockdown - making a key holder! What other ideas do you all have?

How adorable is this puppy - a great little friend for lockdown 🥰

Busy making a monster!

Hi Simra, thanks for your email.  I will be trying to phone you all this week to check in, so can give you your passwords then laugh


Hi Freya - that’s a great information text on your monster.  At the moment I can’t get it on here as a photo but I’ll keep trying!

Thanks for the email Bella - my goodness your puppy is so adorable!

Let me know if you would like me to put the picture on here for everyone to see!

HI Freya, thank you for your email.

No there are no books at the moment, but you can put 2 pieces of paper together if you have some, or fold 1 piece in half.

Or if you're feeling very fancy you could do it on PowerPoint on a computer!


Hi Simra, thank you for your email about passwords.  I've sent an email to your mum's school account so you can check there.

Hi!  Thank you for your emails about long division.

Firstly - please don’t panic!  It’s OK to not remember how to do something and it’s great that some of you have asked for help.  


Doing your school work at home is very different and you don’t have the reminders around you that we have up in the classroom.

I just have a meeting to go to, but later this afternoon I’ll put something on here that shows you examples of how to solve them the way we do in class.  I am more than confident that you just need little reminders and you’ll remember how we do them.


Be proud of the learning goals you are achieving and please don’t be hard on yourselves if you forget a method.


Miss Marshall xx

Division revision

This is "Division revision" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Some of your super Friday Eve learning!



Thanks for the question.  You need to complete the activities it asks you too on each page about the monsters, then plan your writing for your own monster.

Some super Wednesday learning! I am loving all the pictures, keep sending them in and I’ll add them 😀

Hi Freya, great question!  You do not need to describe the freatures of your monster as it’s an art project, but if you would like to then please do laugh

Super learning from 05.01.21

Tuesday 5th January

Good morning everyone and welcome to day 2 of your home learning.  There was some beautiful work completed yesterday with some really thoughtful wishes of what could be eternal.


Today we are continuing with this RE theme of beliefs and meanings.


Here are your activities:

1) Ask the people in your house what they think 'unconditional love' means.  Does everyone think the same, or do they have different ideas?  What do you think it means?

2) What are good deeds?  With everything that's going on in the world at the moment, it's lovely to do something for others.  A small act of kindness and good deeds can go a very long way to make someone smile.  On a piece of paper, mind map what good deeds you could do to help your family at home and make their lives a little bit easier.  Keep the piece of paper somewhere safe - can you surprise them during the next 2 weeks?

3) Think about/ talk to your family about and then write your answers to the following questions:

- What would your perfect world look like?

- How would people treat each other?

- What would you like to see change about the world right now?

- How could we mirror your perfect world in school?

4) Art!  If you have a printer, you could print the picture of the world below.  If not, or you would rather draw your own, then please do that.

When you have your picture of the world in the middle of the page, draw images of what your perfect world would have around it.  Be as creative as you like - you might want to use colours to make it lovely and bright!

5)  Spend some time on MyOn - see if you can meet your AR target laugh

6) Go onto TT Rockstars and set me a challenge!  Some of you are so fast I can't keep up!


Have a great day,


Miss Marshall xx

Some beautifully thoughtful work from the first day of home learning 🏚

Monday 4th January

Good morning everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas break and were able to enjoy time with the people in your household.  It was a different Christmas to the one we had planned, but knowing you all like I do, I can imagine you all still made the most of it and had a wonderful time laugh.


This year is also starting a bit differently to the way we expected - we are going back to online learning, something which you will be really good at after doing so well in the spring.

Check back here every day for your activities.  You will soon be able to work through a pack too - you will find out when these can be collected from school.


Today would have been the first of your 2 RE days, something which we will still do together, just from our own homes! 

Here are your activities:


1) Look up the meaning of 'eternal' and write your own definition - it will help you for the next 2 days.  

2)  Does anything last forever?  Think about this question - if you have someone at home you can talk to about it, think of something which could last forever and maybe somethings that don't.  Split a piece of paper in half and write a list for each.

3)  Look at the powerpoint below your instructions.  For each picture, think about whether it could last forever.  Think about the reason for your answer.  Draw your own image of each and write the sentence explaining your reason underneath it.

4) What do you wish would last forever?  Think about this year and how different it has been to every other - we have all lived through something new and it has changed what we sometimes think is important.  If you could only have 3 things that could last forever, what would they be?  Below there is a picture of a treasure chest.  If you can, print the picture and draw/ write about the 3 things you wish would last forever.  If you are unable to print, you could draw your own treasure box and do the same.

5) Thinking of New Year, and it being the time we make resolutions, log on to PurpleMash and complete the postcard activity - it will ask you to think about your wishes for the world.  Something that is really important right now as the whole world is going through this pandemic together.

6) Get creative!  Still on PurpleMash, there is a firework challenge.  Something so many people love to see on New Years Eve.

7) Spend some time on TT Rockstars……..I've set you all a challenge on there laugh.


Have a fantastic day and remember to send pictures of your work to our class email so I can share your fantastic learning on here.

Miss Marshall x

17.12.20 - Happy last day of term! 


You are now officially a third of the way through Year 6 and you should all be so very proud of everything you have achieved.

You have worked hard and completed every task thrown your way with resilience and strength - it makes me so incredibly proud to be your teacher.  I cannot wait to see what else you are able to do over the coming terms and although I will not be in school with you, I will still be videoing in and seeing what you are getting up well as doing a few of your 3 o'clock reads!


Your last day of festive challenges includes:

- Solving the mystery of the missing sleigh (click on the link below and you can work through the problems)

- Writing your wish list for 2021.

This year has been a very difficult one for so many reasons and it would be lovely for you to begin your wishes early.  When they're done, put them in an envelope ready to open through the year.  Put in as much detail as possible and think about how you can make these wishes come true.  

- Get crafty!

 Look at the link below and choose one of the Christmas crafts.  I like the look of the paper plate masks.....although I have a feeling lots of you will go for the festive slime!


Remember to take pictures of what you get up to and send them in.


Have a fantastic last day of term and a wonderful Christmas holiday.


Miss Marshall xx




Complete the activities below and then......we would have celebrated by putting on our dressing gowns, making hot chocolate and enjoying the film whilst comparing it to the book.

Once you have done the activities, why not get the whole family involved and have your own Polar Express afternoon?

Give yourself an extra challenge and design your own Polar Express train layout.  Where would you have all sat on the train?

What would you have stamped on your ticket? Why?


Have a fantastic day and send in pictures of our fabulous learning....and trains laugh


Miss Marshall xx

Some great home made gifts by Bella!

Tuesday 15th December

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday and made some beautiful Christmas cards :)

Today we would have been decorating boxes and making Christmas presents for someone at home.

Your challenge is to make the most interesting home-made present.  You might like to do some baking/ create a craft/ make some jewellery.  the possibilities are endless!  Just remember to decorate the box beautifully.


We would have also have started out Christmas packs.

It is attached below so you can print it at home if you are able to.  Many of the sheets you can do online as well.


Have a lovely day


Miss Marshall xx

Christmas activity pack

Monday 14th December ⛄️


Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry I didn’t get to see you last week - I am feeling much better and was excited for us to spend our last festive week together before I have to work from home.

Unfortunately, like much of 2020, Covid had other plans and we are now a closed bubble.......but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some festive fun together!


As there are only 4 days of term left, you do not need to complete work in packs.  Instead, check back here every morning and there will be some fun activities we can do together.


Our first festive activity today was to complete a Christmas code breaking case - these are questions that will give you answers to festive jokes.

We were then going to make Christmas cards to send home to your families.  

I’ve attached the link for the code breaking - pick the set of questions that will challenge you the most.  Then why not make cards for everyone in your household.  Think carefully about your Christmas picture - could you put a hidden character in each one?


If you have tickets in the chocolate raffle then panic not - your prize will be saved for you after Christmas chocolate to look forward to!


Have a lovely day!


Miss Marshall xx


Sri Lanka Class Family Assembly

Check out our Antarctic homework!

19.11.20 - Hi Izzobella and Nancy!

I hope you are having a good week and your assessments are going well.

Unfortunately we can’t all do a zoom/ FaceTime call tomorrow with the school class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate!  I hope you are having fun planning your activity.

I will arrange to call you both on video, hopefully at the same time and I will be able to do your spelling test for you then. Once you’ve finished all of them it would be great if your adult could bring them in to school.

See you soon,

Miss Marshall smiley

16.11.20 - Hi Izzobella, remember we said not to worry about the spellings.  I’m trying to work out a way to either record what the words are, or video the test.  If we can’t it doesn’t matter - we will work something out.  Just make sure you have completed the other paper.

Have a good day smiley

Hi Izzobella,  thanks for the question - yes I would say it does want you to write about the story.  Each day there is some sort of written activity in that English pack.

13.11.20 - Hi Izzobella, thank you for the pictures of the fantastic learning!  You have worked so hard!

I love your idea about the reward afternoon on Friday.  I’ll check with Miss Sexton and see if we can set something up.  If we can I’ll let you both know!

13.11.20 - Hi Nancy, I did get your email.  I know it is hard but I’m sure the time will fly by.  We’re getting the pack together for you today so you’ll have it ready to go for Monday.  And luckily at the end of next week there is a reward afternoon so that will be something to look forward to smiley

12.11.20 - Hi Izzobella, I did get your email thank you, so it did work smiley

I can’t reply back to your email, but I will reply on here so remember to check back on the class webpage after you have sent one

Enjoy reading our Term 2 newsletter!

How will you use our Term 2 knowledge organiser to help with your learning?

We used our computing skills to create our own games based on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur!

Percy Jackson got very dramatic - we even had to investigate the crime scene!

Welcome back to school!

We have an exciting year of learning ahead.

Remember to keep logging on to TTRockstars and MyON to develop your learning at home as well as school!

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