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Mexico (Year 2)

Dear All

Here is an overview of the activities you need to complete over the next week. You can do them all at once or follow the suggested timetable.

WK 2








Ned the detectives

tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes game


ttrockstars or numbots

KS1 test B

Research and make notes on different types of hats. Name what are they used for?



Create fact file about Kenya



Ned and the jungle animals

one hour more and less


ttrockstars or numbots

4 sentence types A

Write a report about different types of hats.

Name, what are they made from? What are they used for?



Safari animal fact sheet



Ned and the three bears


time word problems game


ttrockstars or numbots

Noun phrase and compound nouns A


Plan a new story

I want my ….. back

which is similar to the original story


Research African masks and design your own



Nikki’s new shoes


Facts about time - Number of minutes in one hour


ttrockstars or numbots

Conjunction types A


Write your new story

Create an African mask



The tale of the ostrich and a very long neck

Maths games on topmarks


ttrockstars or numbots

Apostrophes and commas A

Finish new story

Make an Easter card​


Send me your super work or questions

My cute cat

My cute cat 1 Hi I'm Kaylee. It's time to get out of bed
My cute cat 2 I'm helping Mrs Walters.
My cute cat 3 Out exploring the garden in the sun.
My cute cat 4 I can see you upside down.
My cute cat 5 I am watching you!
My cute cat 6 Super picture from Oliver

Super work from Monday

Super work from Monday 1
Super work from Monday 2
Super work from Monday 3
Super work from Monday 4
Super work from Monday 5

Fantastic work from Tuesday

Fantastic work from Tuesday 1 Great ideas
Fantastic work from Tuesday 2 Very neat
Fantastic work from Tuesday 3 Super handwriting
Fantastic work from Tuesday 4 Great design
Fantastic work from Tuesday 5 Very colourful
Fantastic work from Tuesday 6 Love the stripes
Fantastic work from Tuesday 7 Great sock

Amazing work from Wednesday

Amazing work from Wednesday 1 super instructions Deimante
Amazing work from Wednesday 2 good newspaper Deimante
Amazing work from Wednesday 3 great writing Haaris
Amazing work from Wednesday 4 super layout Lewis
Amazing work from Wednesday 5 good ideas Lewis
Amazing work from Wednesday 6 very creative Libby
Amazing work from Wednesday 7 super star Reggie
Amazing work from Wednesday 8 super writing Reggie

Morning All

Thank you for your super work. A few people have asked for extra activities to complete so I have added some suggestions you could complete about the Africa project. I miss all your smiles and I hope to hear from you soon. Mrs Walters

Excellent work from Thursday

Excellent work from Thursday 1 Great work Haaris
Excellent work from Thursday 2 Super Jessica
Excellent work from Thursday 3 Great work Reggie
Excellent work from Thursday 4 Great sock puppet Oliver
Excellent work from Thursday 5 Super sock puppet Jessica
Excellent work from Thursday 6 Great sock puppet Lewis
Excellent work from Thursday 7 Amazing writing
Excellent work from Thursday 8 Very neat Ruby

Hi Everyone

Lots of children have found it difficult to get onto TTrockstars because of the number of children trying to play it. I have checked all the login details and they are correct. Amazingly, we won the trust competition which ended today so it should be easier to get onto the website from now on.

Hope this helps

Mrs Walters

Fabulous work from Friday

Fabulous work from Friday 1 Super maths Annabelle
Fabulous work from Friday 2 Great Reggie
Fabulous work from Friday 3 Fantastic maths Haaris
Fabulous work from Friday 4 An amazing newspaper Ruby P
Fabulous work from Friday 5 Great poster Deimante
Fabulous work from Friday 6 Great Haaris
Fabulous work from Friday 7 Super Lewis
Fabulous work from Friday 8 Great Reggie
Fabulous work from Friday 9 Super sock Ruby I
Fabulous work from Friday 10 Good review of your sock Jessica B
Fabulous work from Friday 11 Amazing reading Lewis

If you are looking for extra activities to do then try twinkl. You can sign up for free as a parent for one month.


You can play educational games -like daily 10, hit the button


You can watch clips on BBC bitesize


Hope this helps 

Mrs Walters

Term 1 Creative Homework

We had lots of lovely homework to share from our creative home learning in Term 1!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19