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You can now read books online and complete an AR quiz on this book.

Use the web link above and login using your AR login (if you have forgotten it is in the front of your reading record - it is the first letter of your name and first 4 from your surname Joe Bloggs = jblog) I can see who has been reading books so give it a go. Mrs Walters


Well done to those children who have logged on to complete quizzes.

How close to 100% are you?

Well done Libby 136%

Well done Zayn 168%

Well done Saisha 402%

Well done Areeb 249%

Well done Swettha 310%

Well done Lewis 223%

Well done Oliver 140%

Well done Jessica B 101%

Well done Reggie 116%

Well done Ruby P 104%

Austen 86%

Ruby I 60%

Brandon 81%

Micheline 48%

Harry 65%

Jessica K 20%

Haaris 27%

Zahra 7%

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Work from Monday 13th July

Great Austen
Good extra maths Austen
Super Ruby I
Great Ruby I
Super maths Ruby I
Great spag Ruby I

Work from Tuesday 14th July

great addition Jessica B
Good answers Jessica B
Great work Jessica B
Great work Jessica B
Great Jessica B
Super extra maths Jessica B
You are amazing Jessica B
Super maths Jessica B
Super work Jessica B
Great Jessica B
Super spag Jessica B
Great spag Jessica B
Great Oliver
Super answers Oliver
Super Oliver
Great maths Oliver
super maths Oliver
Super spag Oliver
Great answers Ruby I
Super spag Ruby I
Great work Ruby I
Great maths challenge Swettha
Super work Swettha
Great spag Swettha
Super work Saisha
You are amazing Saisha
Super answers Saisha
Great work Saisha
Great Saisha
Great maths Saisha
Great maths Saisha
Great work Saisha
Super maths Saisha
Great spag Saisha
Great work Saisha
Great spoon art Saisha

Work from Wednesday 8th July

Great Areeb
Good answers Areeb
Good Areeb
Great maths Areeb
Great maths Areeb
Great Areeb
Super Areeb
Great Deimante
Good maths Deimante
Good work Deimante
Good Haaris
Good work Haaris
Good maths Haaris
Great Jessica B
Good work Jessica B
Great maths Jessica B
Super Jessica B
Good writing Jessica B
Super Jessica B
Good colouring Lewis
Good answers Lewis
Great maths Lewis
Great Libby
Good maths Libby
Great work Libby
Super Oliver
Good maths Oliver
Reading the poem
Great work Oliver
Good answers Reggie
Great Reggie
Super maths Reggie
Great work Reggie
Super writing Reggie
Great colouring Ruby I
Super answers Ruby I
Great maths Ruby I
Good writing Ruby I
Great work Ruby P
Good answers Ruby P
Great work Ruby P
Super facts Ruby P
Great work Ruby P
Super maths Ruby P
Great facts Ruby P
Super drawing Ruby P
Good writing Ruby P
Good maths challenge Saisha
Super answers Saisha
Good work Saisha
Good maths Saisha
Good answers Swettha
Super maths Swettha
Good writing Swettha
Good work Zahra
Great answers Zahra
Good labels Zahra
Super matching Zahra
Good maths Zahra

Work from Thursday 9th July

Great work
super work
Great maths
Good poem
super maths
Good spag
Good colouring
Great answers
Good maths
Good work
Great answers
Great poem
Super maths
Good work
Super answers
Super maths
Good work
Great colouring
Good work
Super maths

Work from Friday 10th July

Extra maths Austen
Good writing Austen
Great butterfly Deimante
Good answers Deimante
Good ideas Deimante
Good maths Deimante
Super glow jar
Good answers Haaris
Great maths Haaris
Great answers Libby
Super Libby
Great work Libby
Super Libby
Great Oliver
Super maths Oliver
Great extra maths Oliver
Good writing Oliver
Great Reggie
Super Reggie
Great butterfly Ruby P
Super maths Ruby P
Great design Ruby P
Super butterfly
Great answers Saisha
Great maths Saisha
Great maths challenge Saisha
great maths Saisha
Thank you
God work Zahra
Great Zahra
Good Zahra
Good words Zahra
Good maths zahra
Super Zahra

If you are looking for extra activities to do then try twinkl. You can sign up for free as a parent for one month.


You can play educational games -like daily 10, hit the button


You can watch clips on BBC bitesize


Information on phonics 


Hope this helps 

Mrs Walters

Term 1 Creative Homework

We had lots of lovely homework to share from our creative home learning in Term 1!