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Canada (Year 4)

Confused about maths and how your children learn? Maths workshop 12th July

Curriculum Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser

This weeks words are revision of the spelling rules learned in Year 4:


reign    different    possession     accidentally


surprise    interest    disappear


recent    occasionally     believe


Do you know the meanings of all these words?  If not, check with a dictionary.

Which do you think are the trickiest?  What can you do to help you remember the correct spellings?



Click here to go to the Spelling Shed website, where you can log in at home and practise your spellings for this week (your username and password is inside your contact book).




Also, don't forget to keep working on your Times Tables with the Times Tables Rockstars website.


Bug Hotels-With a design brief and recyclable materials, the children made their final product. Can you spot yours?

ART-TAS-TIC 3D DOODLE BUGS- As part of our learning journey about animals and their habitats, Canada Class created these beautiful pieces of work!

Here are our Non-Chronological Reports about Russian Blue Cats-Based on the Mesopotamian Cat from our English text ‘Varjak Paw”

Our Dreams and Ambitions

Your creative geniuses have been hard at work. Check out their Clay model Viking heads!

Collaborative Learning in History!

An exciting afternoon of learning and meeting animals from Zoolab!

Science Week Investigation- Working out if height is a good measure of pupils’ ages in the class

Celebrating the rich and diverse languages spoken in Canada Class

The Northern Lights Artwork -using pastels

Enjoy our Class Assembly!

Parents - you will be sent the password via text message.

This is such a GREAT way to end the term!


Look at this great display of work outside the year four classrooms!  Everyone worked hard to create a beautiful neat version of their story based on the Claude series of books.

The children were introduced to the British Canadian artist Ted Harrison. His works are inspired by the beautiful landscapes in Yukon in Northern Canada. His use of psychedelic colours made his creations stand out. As a class, the children drew the 

patterns they wished to form their landscapes and used watercolours to create their individual pieces of art.


They also learned about the Inukshuk landmark that  represent ‘acting in the capacity of a human’ and are also used as hunting and navigational aids.


Art inspired by the work of British Canadian artist Ted Harrison

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