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Canada Class 22.1.21

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Friday 22nd January 2021


Good morning everyone!

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Answers and Solutions

Here are answers and solutions from today's home learning so you can check your work.

Creative - Questions about Kandinsky


1) What was Kandinsky’s first name? Wassily

2) When was he born? 4th December 1866

3) Where was he born? Moscow, Russia

4) Why did he go to Odessa to live with his aunt? He went to live with his aunt because his parents got divorced.

5) What did Kandinsky paint when he lived in Odessa? Kandinsky painted places that he knew.

6) What is the name for the kind of painting that uses blocks of colour and shapes? This type of painting is called Abstract.

7) What did Kandinsky do in 1921? In 1921, Kandinsky moved to Germany and started teaching in an art school.

8) When did Kandinsky move to France? He moved to France when World War 2 started.

9) Why did he start using darker colours in his painting? The darker colours showed that Kandinsky was feeling sad and melancholy. 

10) Why is Kandinsky remembered? He is remembered because he developed new ways of painting, using colours and shapes to show his feelings.