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Happy Summer Holidays!

What an amazing weekend some of you had!

A Sports Day at home! It looks great fun! Why don't you have a go as well?


Look at these amazing pictures that the key worker children have made today!

The story of the butterflies

The butterflies have flown!

Look at the butterflies!

Good morning!

Thank you for all your emails and messages, I love hearing from you!

Today why don't you take part in assembly, there is a very special guest.

Have a great day. 


Follow the link below.


A sneak peek around the new building!

Our natural world!

Good News!!

Look at our amazing school!!

The build has nearly finished and we are hoping that next week it will be transferred over to the school. I will then be able to give you an online guided tour of the inside. 

Look at the outside, it looks amazing! 

I can't wait for you all to see it and to have children in the building.

Have a fantastic weekend. 

Inspirational People

What a fabulous day out!

Look at how the caterpillars are developing!

Good morning!

Hair today....gone tomorrow!

Well at some point in the future!!

Have a look at the hair lockdown pictures. You will find out what my hair is really like!

Do send in your pictures if you haven't already. 

Lewis, thank you so much for your video, I loved it! Your mum is a great hairdresser, you hair looked great!

I am missing you and everyone at Westcourt.

I will post the hair pictures tomorrow, it could  be hair raising......

Look at Jack and Amelia's elephants, I love them!

Happy Wednesday!

Have a look at the ideas below. What could you make at home? Send in some pictures.

There are lots of ideas at



Poetry Tuesday!

Happy Monday!!

Katelyn, Jessica and James sent me a great email yesterday, here it is!


Hello Miss Sexton
We hope you have had a fun half term.
Mum said she saw you yesterday as she was going out to work :)  
We would have been super Eggcited if we had seen you too. 
We have used our eggs for Cakes, but today we made biscuits which were eggstremely tasty. 
Jessica likes to just eat the white bits of the eggs.. but Katelyn and James prefer ours in a cake mmm
Katelyn, Jessica and James
Look at the new pathway coming into school. The path up to the main entrance is the underlay, it is now a beautiful grey and white shiny surface!

Have an eggcellent day!

Good Morning!

Welcome to term 6!

Friday 22nd May 


As we end term 5 I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the hard work that everyone at Westcourt has put into their learning at home during this term. I am so proud of all of you! You are amazing super stars! 

Thank you for all the emails, pictures, funny messages, videos that you have sent me, They have all made me smile each day and have made me miss you more than I already was!

Have a wonderful half term and enjoy the sunny weather. 

Remember to stay safe as this we help us all eventually return to school. 

Take care, 

Miss Sexton 


Thank you!

Good Morning!

The Rainbow Challenge

Look at what Lewis found in his garden to complete the rainbow challenge! 

Thank you!

The Big Westcourt Quiz - Answers!

Friday - The Big Westcourt Quiz!

It's Thursday!!


How many words can you create? You can jumble the letters up!

What is the longest word you can make?

How many 2 letter words can you make? Or 3 letters or 4? 

How many words can you make in a minute? 

Email me your top 10 words. 

Happy Wednesday!

Look at this amazing VE day celebration tea!
Look at the fun that you have had this weekend!

Monday welcome!

Preparing for VE Day at home!

Peace in Europe

Look at these amazing pictures I have been sent! Making home made birthday cards, flapjack making, posters for the NHS and getting ready for the stay at home Victory in Europe celebrations on Friday. 

More from our school war time diary.

War Time Diary

Happy Tuesday!

School may be closed but the new building is graduallly taking shape. It looks amazing!

Look at these amazing pictures that have come in today! Spa days, rainforest projects, the life cycle of a butterfly from home, watching BBC bitesize and creating Stonehenge. What great fun and learning you are having at home.

I hope you had a great Star Wars day, May the 4th be with you! 

Good Morning!

Look at the fantastic pictures below. You have been busy designing African necklaces, creating beautiful posters to celebrate and thank our amazing NHS workers and making birthday cards for grandparents we are unable to see at the moment, I know that grandparents love home made cards and they will treasure them forever.

Good morning and welcome to Friday! Well done on all the work and activities that you have all completed this week. I love looking at all the pictures and work that you are sending in to your class teachers, it is brilliant!

Its nearly the weekend, so it time for a rest from home learning and a time to do something different!

Here are three activities you could do. Make sure you ask an adult before doing any of them.


The Midnight Gang

Calling all David Williams fans. Who has read The Midnight Gang?


The stage production of this can now be streamed free through the Chichester Festival Theatre

It is free until 29 May, ask an adult at home before you watch this.


Teddy Bear designs!

Do you love designing…..I know how fantastic you are at this. John Lewis needs your help!

In honour of our incredible carers at the NHS, John Lewis need designs for superhero-themed bears – don’t feel like you have to stick to the traditional brown bear – they want to see all kinds of super teddies.

Try and incorporate unique elements through colours, patterns, capes, masks – whatever feels exciting for you, but please avoid using any recognisable icons in your designs, such as the ‘NHS’ lettering or Superman logos.



Share your superhero teddy bear design with John Lewis by 5pm on 8 May 2020. An adult over the age of 18 should submit a photo of your design in one of the following two ways:

Share your designs by email to

or posted through a public Instagram or Twitter account with the hashtag


For more information ask your adult to go to

You can also download a template here.


Woodland Trust: Osprey

Do you love science and learning about nature? Why not head to the woodland Trust live webcam to find out about their resident osprey pair, Louis and Aila.

The story so far from the Woodland Trust, ‘The camera will be live throughout the 2020 season to bring you a glimpse of forest life from the Scottish Highlands. Our resident pair Louis and Aila have now returned and are incubating three eggs. We expect other birds to drop in and check out the nest too, and perhaps even the occasional night-time visitor.’

 Remember to ask an adult before you go to this site.


Let me know if you complete any of these activities, whatever you do, have fun!


Have a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday morning.

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Sexton


Lewis, I have just read your message as well, thank you! We miss you as well.

Wednesday 30th April: Thank you!

Look at these beautiful unicorns that were decorated this weekend! Plus, lots of finding number 5s as well. Great pictures!

Good morning Westcourt!

Look at all the numbers 5s that have been found at home!  Well done all of you!

Tuesday 28th April

Monday 27th April


Good morning and welcome to another week of learning at home. I hope that you had a lovely weekend with your adults at home and that you could get outside for a little while, this might have just been your daily walk! I had a lovely weekend in the garden and doing some baking, you have all inspired me! I made some banana and chocolate chip oat cookies. Its says they will last up to 2 weeks in the fridge but I'm not sure they are going to last 2 days as they are so yummy!

Do email in and let me know what you did at the weekend. I love hearing from you.


We have just been able to have one or two builders back on site so they are busy finishing our new build. The scaffolding should come down this week. I will take some pictures so that you can see how it is looking. It is very exciting! I am also going to start to think about all the new furniture that we will need for the four new classes. The new classes are going to be for Year 5 and 6.

What would you like to see in a brand new classroom?

What must every classroom have?

Let me know or draw me a picture of your perfect classroom. I could do with your inspiration.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Miss you all.

Miss Sexton

Mrs Atkinson's children have been joining in with our activities today as well. Look at this great monster!

Friday 24 April.

Its the end of the week!!! Well done for all the hard work that you have completed this week, you are all being amazing and I am so proud of you all!

Did any of you watch the BBC Big Night In last night? I was waiting for Gary Barlow, ask an older adult who he is!!!

I saw a great activity on a site called The Kind Nest last night.


Have a look at the pictures below. could you have a go at this? Send me some pictures as I would love to see them.


Have a great weekend and I will see you all on line on Monday morning.

Stay safe.

Miss Sexton

Look at this amazing orange flavoured bread that Cameron and Sofia have made today. It looks yummy!

Good Morning!

Cooking at home!

Wednesday 22 April.

Good morning! I hope that you had a good Tuesday, completing some good learning but also having fun as well.

Year 6 keeping going with the TTRS, do you think Miss Marshall will ever be able to beat you? Your purple mash pieces on the Ancient Greek Olympics are fantastic, I look forward to reading more of them. I hope you joined in the Greatest Showman Dance, I’m going to give it a go!

Year 4 I was so pleased to hear from Mrs Semanchia about how well you are doing it home, we are all so proud of you. Remember this is making a big difference to everyone’s lives. Enjoy the David Walliams story today.

Year 3, enjoy your work on volcanoes, do send me some pictures of your drawings. I look forward to seeing what else you learn. I once climbed a volcano, it was hard work! How did Mr Trodd get to the Wild West? Enjoy the scavenger hunt, what great fun! I look forward to seeing the photographs.

Year 2 you have completed some great work on addition and the expanded column method. Being at home isn’t holding you back at all, well done! Be careful doing those missing number sums today. The puppets look great! Enjoy Ronald the Rhino today as well.

Year 1 I have just been looking at your pictures from your Easter holidays, birthdays, teeth coming out and master bakers! Im so glad you had so much fun at home.

Year R, what sea creatures did Billy see in his bucket? I know you will have written some great sentences about this as you are all such great writers.

Have a great day everyone!

I’m going to post another video message tomorrow so do have a look out for that.

Do keep sending me emails with your work and messages as I love hearing from you all.

Stay safe and keeping smiling.

Miss Sexton

Tuesday 21st April

Welcome to learning at home on Tuesday 21st April. I hope you had a good first day back and that your adults got the message from Karen that if you haven’t collected your next work pack you can now do this. The Foxes Den will be open between 9.30 and 2.30 today for someone to collect your work.

China class, Mrs Reynon puts all of your activities on your class page each day. Enjoy your work on patterns, I look forward to seeing your pictures!

Italy and Norway, I hope that you enjoyed listening to the story of Billy’s Bucket yesterday, I love that book! Remember to keep working on your ch and sh sounds. Can you find items in your house that start with a ch or sh, do send me a picture.

Turkey class, well done on everyone who completed work on Purple Mash over the holidays. I look forward to seeing the work that you complete this week.

Kenya class, enjoy the story of the Jolly Postman and the start of your topic on homes. Let me know about any of the funny words that you hear in the story. I look forward to seeing your pictures of your homes so that I can imagine where you are.

Australia class you have lots of work to complete, work hard on the expanded column method for addition, I know that you can do it!

Mexico, you have been completing lots of work. Enjoy you work on the story of Red Riding Hood. Which words did you come up with for good and bad?

Egypt and France class enjoy your maths challenges; did you find out how many sleeping bags were sold? Enjoy your poetry work, Mr Trodd and Mr Tooher have chosen some great poems. If you haven’t ever read the Jolly Postman once you have finished all your class work Mrs Atkinson has a link to it on Kenya’s class page!

Canada class I have loved looking at all the work that you have been sending in, keep doing this! Im going to try the morning challenge and find page 12 of the book I am reading and see what sentences I would write.

New Zealand class, the butterflies were so beautiful. I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see this happen at school but do check out Mrs Rose’s photos. Your packs are now ready to be collected, Mrs Rose put lots of great work in there, I had a look yesterday!

Sri Lanka class enjoy your work on The Ancient Greek Olympics. I look forward to seeing your pictures from your windows, we will all be looking out for Paras’. I love that Thomas is the Director of Chuckles….we all need to keep laughing at this time.


Have a wonderful day everyone!

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Sexton

Welcome back to term 5!

Happy Easter

Look at Reggie's Niffler, its fantastic! 

Good morning! Have a fantastic Thursday.

Firstly, congratulations Westcourt we won the Primary First Trust TTRS competition last week!!!!! Huge cheer to you all. Have a little victory dance in your lounge!


I know that some of you, Lewis and Reggie to name just two, are into Harry Potter. A new website has been launched for you all. Do check it out. Let me know what you think and if you can draw a Niffler do send me a picture by email.


Italy and Norway keep going in finding that bear! The maps are so helpful and the binoculars are making it much easier to find him.

Turkey class keep a look out for the birds outside your windows. I am going to look at the RSPB guide as I can hear lots of birds in my garden now that there is no traffic outside.

Kenya class enjoy your scavenger hunt today, look in every part of your house for different and unusual finds.

Australia class have fun making your African masks, I can’t wait to see some pictures of them.

Mexico class you continue to do great work. Ruby I loved your writing about different types of hats and Haaris your story was great, good use of question marks as well.

France class I look forward to seeing your corner book marks, they will be great to use. You could make some extra ones to give as presents when you next get to see them.

Egypt class, Mr Trodd seems to be having so much fun! I wonder where he will next be? Why don’t you email me and give me your answers!

Canada class, thank you so much for all your contributions to the Times Tables Rock Stars Primary First Trust Competition! You made such a difference, helping us to win!

Param and Jack in New Zealand class you both wrote some great leaflets and Freya I agree with Mrs Rose about your fairly lights!

Sri Lanka class you are all working so hard, Leo and Ana-Maria two great pieces of writing.


Chat to you all tomorrow for our last day of term.

Miss you all,

Miss Sexton



I enjoyed reading Jessica's story of the 'Adventure of a Cookie Bear'. I loved that she baked the animals and then included pictures of them in her story. A story that is good enough to eat! I'm so glad the bear found hats for all the animals. 
The children are working so hard at home, I'm sure this is the scene in many houses!

Good morning! Happy Wednesday to you all.

Pinch, punch first day of the month and April Fools day! Did you trick anyone at home, do email and let me know.

China class I hope you enjoy your yoga on the farm today that’s sounds great fun. Enjoy the body percussion as well.

Italy and Norway class I lve the story maps of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt at school’. I will look out for that bear today. Charlie your bear biscuits look yummy, I hope you and your family enjoyed them.

Tukey and Kenya class you are completing some great work on Purple Mash, I love the robot pictures. Sabastian your poster for the NHS is fantastic and I know it will cheer people up as they walk past. Frankie I love your elephant; Elmer is my favourite.

Australia class enjoy designing your African masks today, I can’t way to see them. Take care with your tricky maths problems as well.

Annabelle in Mexico class has created a beautiful mermaid sock puppet, check it out on their class page and the dinner Austen helped to make looked yummy….see you on junior MasterChef soon!

Egypt class what has happened to Mr Trodd, he is so small!! Bhuvi your rainbow spelling is great and really helps you to learn those tricky words. Aarya that’s a great poster about Iris’ lost glasses.

France class, Mr Tooher has been very cheeky today! Cameron, well done on scoring 12 out of 12 in your quiz.  Make sure you check out the answer from yesterday’s maths challenge.

Canada class well done to all of you who took part in the Times Tables Rock Stars challenge. You are so fast, keep it up!

New Zealand class, keep an eye out for updates on your caterpillars as I can see you have some chrysalis now. Your poems about butterflies are lovely. Freya your Easter bonnet is amazing!

Sri Lanka, your story maps are great, I can’t wait to read the completed stories. I hope that penguin made it home at least Miss Marshall got him to the beach! He might have needed a map as he didn’t seem to know where to go.

Have a great day!

Miss Sexton

Good morning! Happy Tuesday to you all.

Italy and Norway I love your suggestions of where the bear could be in the school. I didn’t see it yesterday but I will ask Miss Marshall to watch out for it today. Your suggestions that he could be in the book corner or under a table were very good, keep up with the fantastic writing,

Turkey class you have been completing some great maths work, the workings out are really clear and have helped you to reach the right answers. Kenya class your postcards from the moon are fantastic, well done.

Year two is good to see you are still working really hard. As Miss Tripp and Mrs Walters have said, you have worked so hard this year so keep it up at home! Lewis I hope you are enjoying your new books, have a look at Mexico’s page to see what he is reading!

Year three, you have also been completing lots of great work. Marcin I loved your tropical healthy palm tree snack. Great presentation of your maths work Aminata, well done. You have all completed some great poetry and fraction work.

Canada class well done to everyone who has sent in some work. I would love to read some writing about a view from your window.

New Zealand class I hope that you watched Mrs Rose’s clip on creating an atmosphere, this will really help you in your writing.

Sri Lanka class you have written some excellent newspaper reports about the naughty penguin, I loved the quotes that you put into the articles. Did you manage to solve Bose’s riddle. I think I know the answer...I will look out for the answer later!

Have a great day everyone, remember to complete your work in small learning chunks.

Stay safe and well.

Miss Sexton

Look at what the key worker children in school have created. Beautiful work!

Good morning Westcourt and welcome back to school this morning. I hope that you had a relaxing weekend at home and that you are all staying safe and well. Did you see the hail and snow yesterday? My garden was covered in hail; I will post a picture below.

Thank you so much for all your emails to myself, Miss Hart and all the teachers. It means so much to us all. We love seeing your work, pictures of activities you are doing and your cheerful messages. Some parents have asked if I will post a video at some point, it is on my list to do! Year 6 and I had talked about this before we closed. I hope that this week will not be quite as busy for me and I will have time to do this.

I love that Freddie and Harry had a funday Friday after all the hard work they put in last week. You will have learnt so much, without you knowing, taking part in all those activities. The pizza looked yummy! I hope you enjoyed Maleficent 2.

Amelia and Jack watched the Wind in the Willows, what a great treat for a Friday!

Harriet went on a fantastic virtual school trip to see many animals. She went to see giraffes, which are my favourite animal.

Sebastian in Year 1 has created a fantastic Easter bonnet; it looks like your house will be covered in lots of sparkly bits!

Do pop over to Sri Lanka’s page if you want to find out about the penguin that broke into the school on Friday.

Have a wonderful Monday, make sure you work hard at your learning this morning and then to some creative activities later on. If you go outside in the garden or for a walk with your adult, wrap up warm as it got very cold again…bring back the warmer weather!

Missing you all.

Take care,

Miss Sexton

Good morning everyone, welcome to Friday, the end of our week! Did any of you stand on your door steps and clap all the amazing NHS workers? There were lots of people cheering in my street.

As its Friday why not take part in the Picture News online assembly. Watch and share this with your adult from 9am today

You have all continued to do great work. It’s great that so many of you are logging onto Purple mash, TTRS and

Year R you have been working so hard, form story maps, writing of stories and diaries, model making and baking to name a few.

Turkey class, I hope you are loving Patrick the Panda’s challenges. Kye your diary entry is great! I look forward to seeing the robots that you create on Purple Mash.

Kenya class, Jayden it’s great to hear you have made a lovely rainbow for your window. If you go out on a walk with an adult as anyone seen them in windows? I look forward to seeing the gallery of work as I know you have been sending Mrs Atkinson some great pictures.

Australia and Mexico class, I love your letters to the bear giving him advice on finding his hat. You are all going to be great at telling the time when I next see you as you have been working so hard on this. It’s been good to see your adults helping you make such fantastic clocks!

Egypt class make sure that you check out Mr Trodd’s message today, how did it get under the sea? I wonder where he will be by Monday? I’m loving your spring decorations, they must be cheering up your house. Grace, the Roman coin is great.

France class, make sure you try Mr Tooher’s advice about hopefully that will help. You are sending in so much great work and its lovely to see all your smiling faces.

Canada class, well done on working on your spellings at home. Can anyone beat Katelyn and Leon on the morning challenge? Keep logging onto Purple Mash as Mrs Semanshia can see all the tasks you are completing. Don’t forget you can send a message to her on some Purple Mash activities.

New Zealand class, I hope that you are looking at the changes to the caterpillars, I think we will see some big changes next week! Your diary entries really show me how reflective you have been about what it is like to live in isolating.

Sri Lanka class, what a day, that penguin caused so much havoc in school, I hope he isn’t there again today…. Has Miss Hart escape, how much food was taken from the kitchen?  I look forward to reading your completed diary entries. I think I might try Yoga today as my legs are rather tired after too much Joe Wicks.

Thank you do all those who have sent a message asking how I am. I am doing well and have been into school every day to make sure everyone is okay. It’s very quiet in my office and I missing you all coming in to share your work or just for a chat.

Have a lovely two days at home, stay safe and I will see you back on the website on Monday.

Miss Sexton

Good morning Westcourt!

I hope that you had a good evening and are ready for some more learning today. I loved Akram quote in his diary entry

‘The future depends on what we do in the present’. Gandhi

That is so true so that means we need to stay in doors to stay safe.

Leon in Canada class has made a great Easter bonnet, I will post a picture of it.

Egypt class I like the volcanoes you have created and the fraction wall is great Iris!

The scavenger hunt that Kenya class took part in looked great, Frankie you collected some interesting objects, well done.

Well done Turkey class on completing the bubble number bonds challenge. Test your adult at home to see if they know them!

Italy and Norway, you have come up with some very creative ways to create dinosaurs. The biscuits look yummy Ava. Happy birthday Dottie, enjoy your special day.


If you want to do something different this afternoon you can watch many live shows. Ask an adult at home about this show The Wind in the Willows. Great fun for all the family!

They just ask for a small donation


Have a great day and I look forward to seeing lots of your work. 

Miss Sexton

What a great Easter Bonnet Leon!
Children in school have been very busy today making gardens.  After a scavenger hunt around the playground to collect grass, sticks and flowers everyone worked hard to form their creations.  Ben, Nate, Zofia and Amie had lots of fun and put a lot of thought into designing their gardens.  Great job!
Look at the two pictures that have been sent to me today. Busy helping making sandwiches at home and the printing of Google 3d animal, the shark is amazing! I'm just not sure I would want it in my front room!
Look at Freddie and Harry's cake! I agree it looks too good to eat but I hope you enjoyed a slice. I love your home timetable with learning broken up into small chunks, with exercise and lots of creative learning as well, fantastic!

Good morning and welcome to school on Wednesday 25th March.

It’s been great seeing all the work that you are completing at home, we are all so proud of you. Please say a big thank you to your adult at home as well.

Italy and Norway, you are being so creative in your learning, loving all the pictures that you are sending in.

Year one, you have completed some great maths and writing as well as lots of practical activities! I’m also jealous of the cake making. However, Miss Marshall did make the staff a great chocolate cake on our last day in altogether!

Year two, have fun planning your puppets. I’m loving the ones already being sent in, you are all so creative!

Year 3, you are also continuing to do some great work. I love the pictures that you have created on 2Simple. Aarya, your handwriting is amazing, go check it out everyone!

Year 4, please keep working hard. I would love to know how many words you have made from your morning challenge, did anyone make a 9 letter word? Let me know as I am struggling!

Year 5, you are completing some great work on Purple Mash. Keep up the writing as Amie and Zofia were working really hard in school on it yesterday.

Year 6 keeping going with your regular maths, English and Spag. Build on the great work and progress you have made this year. I also took part in some of Joe Wick’s PE yesterday but need to remember to take my trainers to school!

I know lots of you have been letting your teacher know that sites such as Purple Mash can be very slow or crash. The companies are trying really hard to stop this from happening. Just try again, don’t give up!

Have a great day, do send me your best work and I thought it would be good to share some jokes, so if you have a favourite do send it to me.

Have a great day, stay safe.

Miss Sexton


Edward's T-Rex

Tuesday 24th March, 

I hope that you have had a good day learning and that you have also had some exercise at home. I know that lots of you have been sending in work to your class teachers, that's great, we love seeing what you are all doing. Keep it up!

Thank you to Amelia for her great picture of an Apatosaurus!

Staying Safe while you are learning at home

It is so important that you keep safe while you are completing your learning at home.  First of all, listen to your adults.  They will have the most up-to-date information and only want the best for you.


Online Safety

Because quite a lot of your home learning will involve the use of the Internet, it is really important that you remember our SMART online safety rules:

Make sure you especially remember the letter T for Tell.  If you ever see something online that worries or upsets you, tell a trusted adult.


Here is a website which has more information for both you and your adults at home:


Feeling safe at home

If for any reason you don't feel safe at home or are worried that something might go wrong then you should speak to a trusted adult.  If you don't feel like you have someone you can talk to, you can contact Childline.  Their phone number is 0800 11 11, or you can visit their website with this link:


Tuesday 24th March


Good morning and welcome to my page. I hope that you had a great first day learning at home, it was very strange to be in school without most of you. I am already missing you coming into my office with your work or just for a chat! Please do email me any great home learning that you do or just to tell me your news. You can send emails to

I have been looking at the fantastic work that you have already been doing, Kayla do let me know how you are enjoying your new Jacqueline Wilson book. Can anyone else use the word restraint like Charlie?

Freya well done on completing your Easter bonnet already. The children who are coming to school are going to make theirs next week so I will post some pictures then. Year 5 keep working on your Duolingo, it’s great to learn a new language.

Canada class, well done on completing your maths challenge today, the video should have helped you with the method needed. I can’t wait to hear about Rex’s Ridiculous Riddle. I hope your adults at home are joining in!

Egypt class I know you are also completing the maths challenges. Eric is missing you! Keep learning those home learning points.

Mexico and Australia class, I can see you are working hard, I love the clocks that you have made. Keep sending your pictures in.

Kenya class remember to keep reading like Max! He was enjoying the sunshine in the garden. Mya, you have completed some great research on the Apollo 11 Mission.

Italy and Norway I hope you are enjoying finding out about dinosaurs. What is your favourite dinosaur? I like the Apatosaurus, maybe you can draw a picture of it?

Nursery, I hope you are having fun playing and learning at home.

Remember to keep safe and to stay at home, this is really important. Also remember to listen carefully to your adults at home as home learning is new to them as well.

Take care,

Miss Sexton