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Whole School English Challenge

Answers to the maths challenge!

Maths Challenge

Thank you to James, Jessica, Katelyn, Edward, Georgia, Nikolai and Shaun who all sent in great answers for the maths challenge. You are all super stars! 

Fabulous crocodile work by Logan. More rock star fun and work towards the couch to 5K challenge. You are all amazing! 

Work of the Week Assembly

Work of the Week, have a look at this fantastic work!

First News!

Have a read and see what is going on in the world. 


Chocolate Raffle

Who is your superhero?

James, Jessica and Katelyn have all tried the maths challenge! Which answer will be in the envelopes?

Love that there is lots of learning happening both indoors and outdoors!

Harriet’s number 12 rainbow bonds!

Edward has completed the maths challenge! Love that he has used the number bonds rainbow.

Hello Thursday!

Maths Challenge!

Georgia and Nikolai have worked very hard on the maths challenge. Have a look at their work. Well done, keep it up! 

Happy Wednesday!

Thank fantastic work Shaun, this is great maths work! 

Whole School Maths Challenge!

Whole School Maths Challenge!


Have a go at the whole school maths challenge. I need your help finding out what the question is!

1. Pick a number, either 14, 24, 240, 2,400 or 24,000.

2. What number sentence can you make that has the answer above?

3. Year R, 1 and 2: what + and - number sentences can you write? 

4. Year 3, 4 ,5 and 6: what +, - x and division number sentence can you write? 

5. Find all the possibilities you can.

6. Pick one number sentence that you think is hidden in the envelope!


Remember you can use equipment to help you add and subtract (e.g. cars, pencils, small bricks). Or pictures or jottings to help with your workings. 

Key stage 2, remember what do you know about 24 that could help you to find number sentences for 24,000? 

You have until Thursday 21st to email your answer in!

Have fun



Cooking at home!

 Looked at this coconut cake baked with mummy. They talked about what ingredients were needed and what amounts. Eggs were cracked and they used an egg separator as they only needed the whites. It was mixed and flattened in a pan (it looked a bit like porridge from our goldilocks story). When it was cooked they put the frosting on top. It looks amazing! 

Work of the Week Assembly

Look at our pets!

Look at these beautiful pets.

Amelia and Jack have two cats, one is called Dash with the tash! 

Freya has a gorgeous dog called Rosie.

Cameron and Sofia grandparents have a cat called Sybil!

Katelyn, Jessica and James have two cats called Ben and Jones. Ben is the fluffy one on the left and Jones is on the right. Ben is super laid back and meows when he wants food or to go outside  Jones is frightened of everything and runs away all the time. They love sitting together cuddling. 
Look at Bruno the German shepherd and Denzil the pony. 

Georgia has a pet cat called Lola and lots of fish!


Friday Assembly

Do you know all the planet names in order like Katelyn?

Loving this work by Sienna!

Hello from giraffe!

Jack has been practising his drawing, amazing!

The weekend!


I love hearing about your weekend and what you have been up to!


Evie and Teddy have been keeping fit by going out on bike rides. They have also been exploring the woods as a family which is great fun! 


Harriet has been horse riding, learning to thread the needle, around the world and trotting over poles! I loved the videos, they were amazing. What a great skill to learn!


Harry and his dad are taking part in the couch to 5K and they went out running this morning at 7am! Mum and Freddie had a great time with Joe Wicks! 

I loved hearing that both boys have been busy working through their learning packs and activities on their class web page. They also watched the new BBC bitesize programmes that launched today on CBBC. Your teachers are going to link some of your learning to this but do check it out at


BBC Bitesize will be free for BT, Plusnet Mobile and EE customers without eating into your data allowance. The article below says 

All contract and pay-as-you-go customers of BT Mobile, EE and Plusnet Mobile will be eligible and the free package will continue while schools remain closed. No registration is required - the free access will happen automatically.


See the article below.


Its great fun and you will learn lots. 



Like everyone else I stayed at home this weekend except going out for some exercise! It was cold but beautiful. These are two pictures that I took. 

Keep sending in your pictures to me as I love seeing them all! 


Prizes can remain in school until we fully open.


Prizes will be given directly to any child who is part of our key worker groups in school. 


However, if you would like to collect your prize when you are out on your daily walk they can be collected as follows. 


Prizes from the chocolate raffle can be collected on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th January. Please come between 9.30 - 12.15 or between 1-2pm. Please come to the main gate and when the intercom is answered please state that you have come to collect a chocolate prize, who the child is and the prize. We will then place the prize on the table outside the main office where Karen works. 

Many thanks

Miss Sexton 

Chocolate Raffle Draw!

Chocolate Raffle Winners!


First Prize

New Zealand: Katelyn

Second Prize

Egypt: Austin 

Third Prizes

1 Australia: Charlie

2India: Noah

3 Canada: Iris 

4 Turkey: William 



Chocolate with animal

1 New Zealand: Makala 

2 Turkey: Henry

3 Canada: Buvi 

4 Egypt: Ruby 


Selection Boxes

1 Sri Lanka: Harvey

2 Australia: Faye

3 Egypt: Brandon

4 New Zealand: Ruby 

5 India: Sienna

6 Australia: Mia B

7 Australia: Grace

8 Turkey: Mia M

9 Canada: Danny W

10 Turkey: Dominic 


Selection Packs

1 France: Cerys (Cel

2 Australia: Grace

3 Egypt: Brandon

4 Sri Lanka: Tommy

5 Egypt: Zahra

6 Canada: Tianna 

7 Canada: Sumpriti

8 Kenya: Nikolai 

9 Canada: Sumpriti

10 Norway: Harry 


Box of chocolates

Daily Milk Large: Australia  Nevaeh

Daily Milk Small

Egypt: Reggie

Australia: Harrison

Italy: Ivy

Australia: Harrison 


Gingerbread Match Makers: Norway Lexie

Australia: Rocko




Australia: Brandon

Tube of Chocolate

Milky Bar

Egypt: Jessica B

Australia: Sophia 

Mexico: Bentley

Australia: Charlie 



It's Friyay!!!

Christmas Presents!

Happy Wednesday!

Good morning!

Loving the work that has been sent to me. What a great start to term!

Have a look below, this makes me smile! 

Home Learning!

Welcome back to term 3

Christmas jumpers!

Happy Christmas

Look at these glasses!

Good Morning!

Tuesday 15 December

Welcome back!

Happy Summer Holidays!