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Collection of New Home Learning Packs

Home Learning:

All the staff at Westcourt have been busy preparing work for the two weeks after the Easter holidays beginning on 20th April.

In order to give out the work we are going to create a system in which you can come and collect your child’s work from the Foxes Den. The Foxes den will be open on specific days to specific classes.

You will be informed by text message of the day in which you need to come. Do NOT come earlier as the work will not be there. We are spacing the times to collect work out so that we do not have too many parents on site at once. However, if you have more than one child in the school please feel free to wait until you have heard about all classes that your children are in. You can then come and collect their work altogether. We will not remove any work until all classes have had the opportunity to pick up their work.

On Friday 3rd April the following classes can pick up their work from the Foxes Den between 9.30 and 2.30pm.

Kenya Class: Year 1

Turkey Class: Year 1

Canada Class: Year 4

France Class: Year 3

Egypt Class: Year 3

This work is for after the Easter holidays and should not be started until Monday 20th April.

Many thanks.