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Australia (Year 2)

Hello Australia class!


Welcome to TERM 4!  I hope you all enjoyed your half term and are ready for some super learning during term 4.  We know we will be learning at home for the first 2 weeks, so just like before you will be working your way through the packs that your grown ups will have collected.  But don’t forget to check the website every day because I post lots more information to help you complete your home learning tasks...including videos explaining your activities.


I love seeing the work you have completed at home, so ask your grown ups to take a picture of your work and send it to the email address above!  Don’t forget to be checking Purple Mash for extra activities and logging on to MyOn and TT Rockstars every day!


I hope to see you all soon! 

Love Miss Tripp xx

If you are a BT or EE customer please click on the link below - important information on how you could be entitled to free internet!




Mrs Elvy has been super kind and has read us the last chapter of The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark!  We didn’t get to finish this story before we began home learning, so please do listen to it so you can find out if Plop ever stops being afraid of the dark!  Thank you Mrs Elvy for reading this for us ☺️

The Owl who was afraid of the dark


I will be uploading extra activities onto Purple Mash each week.  These are designed to enhance and add to the home learning that you have been completing each week!  I will set each activity as a To Do, so once you’ve completed it you can hand it back to me for a comment!

READ, READ, READ and READ some more!

Miss Hart has set you all new AR targets, so what are you waiting for?  Log on to MyOn and start reading!! Will you be the first to meet your target?

Daris - 11.1%

Harrison - 2.6%

Shaun - 12.8%

Seth - 6.5%

Sebastian - 14.7%

Sophia-Maria - 14%





There's been some great home learning so far!  Well done! Keep up the good work!

Our home learning - Tuesday 2nd March

Year 2 Christmas Presentation

Here, for your entertainment and delight, is our Year 2 Christmas presentation of 'The Night Before Christmas'!  I hope you enjoy it!  (The password to view will be sent out via text message).

The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Cards

Australia class have had a fantastic afternoon making Christmas cards for our friends and family!  The children were really creative and produced some unique cards!  Can you spot your card below?

Whilst your child is off school for a few days awaiting a covid-19 test result, you can use these websites.


You can read and do a quiz using my on


You can learn addition and subtraction


You can learn timetables


You can play phonic games


You can play educational games -like daily 10, hit the button


You can watch clips on BBC bitesize


Hope this helps 

Miss Tripp

Term 1 Creative Homework!


Have a look at some of our amazing creative learning homework from our Term 1 topic LAND AHOY!

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