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Australia (Year 2)


(Monday 2nd November - Friday 18th December)

Welcome back Australia class!

We are ready for our second term in year 2 and there are lots of exciting things to look forward to this term!  Below you will find links to the Australia class newsletter, as well as information about all of the wonderful things we will be learning about this term!  You will also find a link to our homework for this term - get creative at home, practice your times tables and learn your spellings!


Don't forget we have P.E on Monday and Friday and all of your school uniform and P.E kit should have your name in it!


Looking forward to a fantastic term!

Miss Tripp

Whilst your child is off school for a few days awaiting a covid-19 test result, you can use these websites.


You can read and do a quiz using my on


You can learn addition and subtraction


You can learn timetables


You can play phonic games


You can play educational games -like daily 10, hit the button


You can watch clips on BBC bitesize


Hope this helps 

Miss Tripp

Term 1 Creative Homework!


Have a look at some of our amazing creative learning homework from our Term 1 topic LAND AHOY!

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