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We recognise how important parental involvement is in extending children’s learning. To encourage parents and carers to participate in their child’s learning we will be posting weekly activities and challenges here on the class page. These home learning challenges will focus on topics and skills that we will cover each week.


By completing these tasks we hope to improve the children’s thinking and memory skills, review and practise what has been covered in the nursery and prepare for future learning in class. In addition, it will keep parents updated about what they are learning in school.


Please click below to access the weekly home learning tasks. Also, please take pictures and videos of the children doing their home learning so we can share them in our class page. You can e-mail them to us at


Autumn 1  (Term 1)

Autumn 2  (Term 2)


Spring 1  (Term 3)


Spring 2  (Term 4)

Summer 1  (Term 5)

Summer 6  (Term 6)



If your child is new to the nursery, you may want to start teaching them these basic skills to help get them settled more easily.



The Coat Flip Trick

Have your child put the coat down on the floor (or a table). They need to stand near the tag/hood, put their arms through the arm holes, and flip the coat over their head.


Click on the video above to see the coat flip trick.