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Hi everyone, the email address that I was telling you about to send me your work is:

Daily update




Morning guys!!


Nearly all of the caterpillars have begun their next life cycle stage of a chrysalis - check the pictures below.


It’s amazing to see how many of you are keeping up with the work on your weekly timetable. I’ve had so much amazing work emailed to me; you’re all doing fabulously. Don’t worry if you can’t get on to Purple Mash, like I said in class all activities can be completed on paper which is why you had plain paper in your packs to complete the leaflets.


Darius - your poem is great, just remember those capital letters at the beginning of a new line.

Jack - great poem about the different stages of a butterfly, just check some of your spellings.

Aaron - your poem is lovely and I love the finishing touch of the butterfly you drew!

Param - You’ve used great vocabulary in your poem - well done.

Freya - great poem of the life cycle of a butterfly with beautiful illustrations.


Many more of you have sent me pictures of the worksheets you have completed in your books which all looks amazing. I’m very proud that so many of you are continuing such great learning at home. WELL DONE NEW ZEALAND CLASS!


Mrs Rose :)







I hope you are all keeping safe!


I have exciting news - the caterpillars have begun to shed their last layers of skin and begin their transformation into a chrysalis. Check out the pictures below!


I’ve heard that some of you are struggling with the English work set, this is probably because when we are in class we create a class model together. Therefore, when you write your poems today, I would like you to think about what a butterfly looks like, how does it move, does it make a sound? Think of the vocabulary you can create around these questions. The poem doesn’t have to be long or rhyme.


I have some great work in from Aaron, Darius, Amarjot, Param, Bella, Rylee and Freya who have emailed me. Well done to those of you who have completed your tasks on Purple Mash. They’re looking great! Just remember to write like you would at school, I will ask you to redo it if I know you can improve it.


Make sure you get on to Timestable rockstars today as the competition is still live!!



Good morning everyone!!

Day 3 - A great number of you have been completing your PurpleMash work which is great. If you need to improve it check your 2-do box as I have resent it. I’ve also had some people send me the work via email which is looking really good.


I’ve seen Param’s, Bella’s and Freya’s letters from yesterday’s learning intention. I worked with Amie and Zofia yesterday at school - they produced excellent letters and even read them to Miss Sexton!


Remember, your Big Maths sheets should only take 30 minutes but take extra time to finish them if you need to. Also, if you are struggling with the Classroom Secrets sheets (particularly SPAG) you could google what a noun phrase or a fronted adverbial is to help you. However, we’ve done a lot of work on fronted adverbials. You need to find the adverb in the sentence and move it to the front of the sentence (an adverb is the describing word for a noun).


If you get time today you could watch the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo using this link:


Have a lovely day - the sun is shining :)


Mrs Rose.



I hope everyone had a great day yesterday, it was very strange without you here but I am sure you are doing some great learning at home.


Today, you should be writing a letter to an elderly person/relative who is in isolation. Don’t forget to show off your excellent writing skills and remember all those techniques you’ve learnt to make your writing super interesting! Once you’ve done this, don’t forget to email me your work if you can, it will be great to see what you have done and I can upload some of your work on this page.


Remember if you can access PurpleMash there is work to complete on there - many of you have already started your projects and they are looking great. I have also added a spelling test which you could give a go, well done to Param and George who have already completed this. 


Duolingo - I have set you an assignment on Duolingo to complete. Give it a go if you get some spare time in the day. 


Mrs Rose :)



Good morning everyone!! Make sure you check your packs this morning and complete the work set. Well done to those that have already made a start on your Purple Mash work - it’s looking great. 


Don’t forget that TimesTables rockstar competition starts this week - let’s see if we can win as a school again!


If you complete any work, don’t forget to email it to me using the email address above so that I can see what you are doing.


Freya - your Easter Bonnet looks amazing, thank you for emailing it to me.

Bella - the email you sent me has no attachment?


Hope you are all well.


Mrs Rose :)



I hope everyone has received their home learning packs. For those of you still coming to school please bring them with you on Monday so you can work on them here. For those of you at home, I will be updating this page everyday, reminding you which work needs to be completed each day. You have done some excellent learning so far this year, so lets see what you can achieve independently.


Mrs Rose :)

Class work

Class work 1 Freya’s Easter Bonnet
Class work 2 Lovely bird feeder!
Class work 3
Class work 4
Class work 5 Bella’s diary entry
Class work 6 This is how detailed your diary entry should be.
Class work 7
Class work 8
Class work 9
Class work 10 Freya’s poem
Class work 11 Aaron’s beautiful poem and drawing

Caterpillar update

Caterpillar update 1 27/3/20 - there are two chrysalis’s
Caterpillar update 2 27/3/20 - only one more to go
Caterpillar update 3 26/3/20 - We need to wait 3 days now - to harden
Caterpillar update 4 26/3/20 - They’ve attached themselves to the top
Caterpillar update 5 25/3/20 - They’re just getting bigger every day
Caterpillar update 6 25/3/20 - Who can remember how small they were?
Caterpillar update 7 24/3/20 - They’re moving their way to the top
Caterpillar update 8 24/3/20
Caterpillar update 9 23/3/20
Caterpillar update 10 23/3/20 - They are making loads of webs
Caterpillar update 11 22/3/20 - 4 of them are really big now
Caterpillar update 12 22/3/20 - The small one :(
Caterpillar update 13 21/3/20 - They’re munching away.
Caterpillar update 14 21/3/20 - some of them have got really big now.
Caterpillar update 15 We’ve had the caterpillars for 1 week now 20/3/20
Caterpillar update 16 20/3/20

Current Curriculum News

Term 1 Creative Homework

We had lots of lovely homework to share from our creative home learning in Term 1!

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