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New Zealand (Year 5)

If you are home awaiting a Covid-19 test, here are some links to keep you up-to-date with your learning.

A Brief Overview of World War II

Another Brick in the wall with lyrics

End of term video

Daily update




It’s the last day of term!! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the year out how we were supposed to but you have all done amazingly with your home learning and you should be very proud of yourselves.


I hope you all have a lovely Summer and I can’t wait to see you all on the first Friday back in September!


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning Year 5!


If you picked up your packs yesterday you’ll notice that there wasn’t a timetable in there, this is because you can choose which order you do your work in this week. Also in the pack is the opportunity to do a film review on your favourite film, if you’ve forgotten some of the details make sure you have chance to watch it again before you begin your review (this might be nice to do on a rainy day).


A quick reminder if you received your report yesterday and you have written on your comment form and your parents have written on the feedback form, you can take a picture of this and send it via email. Freya has already done this - it was great to see what her best bits from year 5 have been.


Have a great day!


Mrs Rose :)




Morning Year 5!!


It’s Friday - I hope you’ve been enjoying your learning this week, there’s been a lot of research to do and finding out information that we’ve not covered in class.


Some of you have made a great effort completing AR quizzes online - keep going, we might win?


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll see some of you on Monday!


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning!!


Your Manaus NCR’s are looking amazing - I found it really interesting finding out a place I was reading about, I hope you did too!


Freya, has read the rest of ‘Journey to the River Sea’ and done a quiz on it - well done Freya. If you would like to listen to the rest of the book you can do this on YouTube their are videos of lady reading it to you. 


Tommy, your Science fact file is also amazing - great work!!


Make sure you keep doing those AR quizzes!!


Have a lovely day,


Mrs Rose :)




Morning Year 5!


I hope you had a great weekend and first couple of days of learning! 


Well done to Tommy and Freya who have sent me their latest work - great job guys.

It’s been great to see so many of you completing AR quizzes online too, keep going!!


If you have any questions just email me. Don’t forget you can still log onto Times Table Rockstars to complete the challenges!


Have a great day, 


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning Year 5!


I hope you’ve had a lovely week of learning, you’ve been doing a great job!


Have a great weekend - I’ll see some of you Monday and look forward to seeing work from those of you not at school.


Mrs Rose :)




Morning everyone!


Hope you had a great day yesterday. It’s lovely to see all your work and well done to those of you who have been onto MyON to read and some of you have already taken quizzes - great work guys!


I’ve uploaded pictures of Freya’s and Tommy’s postcard - they’ve done a great job and so have the children that have been in class with me.


Also well done to Bella for completing her non-chronological report about Sloths. I’ve posted the picture below.


Keep sending me your work - it’s great to see!


Have an amazing day.


Mrs Rose :)





Good morning!


I do hope you had a good weekend and first 2 days of your week!! Can you believe there is only 3 weeks left until the end of the school year? You have all been doing a great job with your home learning packs, Purple Mash, Times table rockstars and Duolingo - I’m so proud of you all!


Your letter writing for English is looking amazing, I can’t wait to see the fronts of your postcards. Remember if you are going to draw them Amazon River on the front to add some shading and texture as you are Year 5 now soon to be Year 6!


Well done to those of you completing your maths papers - remember if you can’t do a question move on and come back to it if you can.


Have a lovely day.


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning!!


It’s FRIDAY and really HOT!


Well done to Aaron, Amarjot, Bella, Chloe, Freya, George, Jack, Kabir, Param, Tasha and Tommy for completing work on Purple Mash. It’s good to see how hard you are all working at home!!


Has anyone had a chance to try out MyON yet? Let me know!


Also don’t forget about the challenges I have set you on Times Table Rockstars.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning Year 5,


I hope you‘ve had a lovely week so far! I hope you’ve had chance to look at Mrs Hart’s post about reading at home - it will be a great opportunity for you to learn loads of new language before you start Year 6 next year.


If you are able to access the reading, do let me know how you’re getting on with it and what your favourite books are!


Have a great day!


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning,


I hope you had a lovely day learning yesterday, whilst at school we wrote Maia’s diary entry and completed some of the maths reasoning test. 


Well done Tommy and Aaron for still completing your work at home. I can see some of you have been on Purple Mash and Times table rockstars which is great!


Hope you have a great day and make sure you enjoy the lovely sunshine at some point.


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning Year 5,


I've had some lovely NCR and project work from you. I'll post the pictures later once everyone form Year 5 has gone home.


I have done your new packs - we just need to arrange a time for you to collect them so that there aren't too many adults in the foxes den.


In the meantime, there are activities on Purple Mash and Times table rockstars.


Have a great day!


Mrs Rose :)




Morning Year 5!


Some great learning yesterday:


Well done Tasha your information on Tigers was great and I also saw that you’ve been on Times table rockstars - well done!!


Jack your handwriting is getting better and better - excellent work on the Sloth!!


Freya your information on the Flamingo is as colourful as ever - great work!!


You’re all doing a great job this term - if you’re at school in the key worker group you could ask one of the teachers to send me your work as I will no longer be in the key worker group and would love to still see your work.


Have a great day!


Mrs Rose :)




I hope you had a great day yesterday and are ready for some more learning today!


I just want to say a massive well done to Jack, Tommy, Freya and Param for consistently doing their work packs and sending them into me and to those of you that are doing your work packs but are unable to send them in - you are doing a great job!


It would be great if some more of you could practise your times tables on Times Table Rockstars as only Nancy, Angelika, Bella, George, Param, Freya and Jack have been on there to compete in the festival.


I hope you have a lovely day - if you have any questions, don’t forget to email me!


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning Year 5,


I hope you had a lovely weekend - sorry I didn’t manage to write you a message yesterday I’ve been busy preparing for you to return to school! I’m looking forward to seeing some of you next week :)


I’ve received some great work from you I’ve uploaded the pictures below. Jack even made a lava lamp - he sent me a video of it but unfortunately I’m not a technical wiz and am unsure of how to upload it. He has also written the instructions to it and drawn a great picture!


Have a great day,


Mrs Rose :)




Morning Year 5,


Well done to Nancy, Angelika, George, Param and Bella who have all taken part in the Times Table Rockstar challenge (Bella is currently in the lead) - great work guys!!


I’ve also received some more amazing work from you - have a look below to see what the class have been doing.


Bella has also been busy making Pizza at home, Pepperoni must be her favourite!!


Have a great day and a lovely weekend.


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning Year 5!


I had lots of work in from yesterday - poems, setting descriptions, Amazon pictures and River basins. Great work everyone!


WELL DONE PARAM - for scoring the highest on times table rockstars in a festival! Great job.


Just a reminder that if you are finding certain sections of your maths tricky just move on and do the bits you can do, just like we practised when doing our tests. You’ve got this and you are amazing!


Have a lovely day.


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning!


Great work yesterday!!


I’m going to add some pictures below so you can see everyone’s work. I also forgot to put up Bella’s poster about a river - she done some great work with Mr Trodd in school the other week.


I’ve set you some challenges on Times Table Rockstars I think - so have a look and let me know!


Have a great day!


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning everyone!


Well done to everyone who sent me their work so far this week - its great to see that you have remembered your maths skills from earlier in the year!


Freya and Param have also been getting creative and producing some great art work!!


Also, Happy Birthday to Tommy - he has sent me some pictures of his special lockdown birthday today!!


I hope you all have a great day.


Mrs Rose :)




Week 2 of our last term in year 5!!


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


How is everyone finding our book ‘Journey to the River Sea’? Today is all about describing a setting - remember to use your 5 senses when describing it to make the reader really believe you are there. I can’t wait to read some of them and share your hard work!


This week we will also be focusing on science and material changes. What material changes can you discover around your home? I’ll add a link below that will help you with your learning.


Have a great day!


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning!


It’s FRIDAY! That week went quickly.


Well done to those of you who have already been on Purple Mash and completed some of the work I put on there for you.


I’ve also seen some great learning from Jack, Freya, Tommy, Harvey, Rylee and Param - well done guys!


I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning Year 5!


Where has all the sunshine gone?


It’s great to see everyone has remembered their place value from September and your comprehension skills are just getting better and better!


Jack has completed his River model have a look in the pictures it looks great!


Freya, could you let your Mum know that Miss Hart will ring her on Friday when she’s in school and I will ring her Monday to find out how you are getting on.


Mrs Rose :)




Happy Wednesday everyone!


I will be adding some more work to Purple Mash for you to complete and keep going with Times Table Rockstars - you are doing a fab job!


Bella has been in school this week and wants to say a ‘Hi’ to everyone, she misses you all as much as I do!


Have a great day!


Mrs Rose :)




Good morning Year 5!


I know some of you will be collecting your packs today which is great - in the mean time check you’ve completed the tasks on Purple mash, Duolingo and have a go at Times Table Rockstars.


It was great to hear from Freya about her Pizza making over the holidays and she made a great model of the Amazon. 


It was also lovely to hear from Harvey - well done on all the work you have done, it looks great!


You can see their work in the pictures.


Mrs Rose :)




It’s Term 6!!!


I hope you had a lovely half term - your packs will be ready to collect tomorrow.


If you have any questions don’t forget to email and I’ll reply on here.


Mrs Rose :)
























Class work

Bella’s NCR
Tommy’s postcard
Freya’s postcard
Aaron’s Jaguar NCR
Jack’s lava lamp
Freya’s Flamingo information
Jack’s poem
Jack’s science
Bella’s yummy pizza!
Pizza making
Bella’s recipe
Aaron’s poem
Jack’s poem
Tasha’ s River Basin
Tasha’ s Amazon picture
Bella’s poem
Freya’s poem
Param’s poem
Param’s Amazon picture
Param’s river basin
Tommy’s setting description
Bella’s poster
Mr Trodd had a go too
Param’s model making
Param’s model making
Freya’s comprehension
Param’s setting
Happy Birthday!
Param’s picture
Harvey’s great work
Freya’s Amazon
Jack’s river model
Freya’s delicious Pizza
Harvey’s Victorian leaflet
Freya’s model zoo
Harvey’s leaflet
Excellent concentration
Darius’ front cover
Harvey’s butterfly work

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