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Norway (Reception)

Welcome everyone!😀
The children have working very hard this term and all the children have settled in well. On Arty Maths day we looked at repeating patterns and created our own patterns using paint and cotton reels.
We have also been creating bubble patterns using a straw. As you can see, we have also created self portraits.

Bubble Painting

We have also been reading the book Mrs Wishy Washy and sequencing the story in the correct order. We also did a collage of Mrs Wishy Washy. They all look amazing!

Mrs Wishy Washy

In the link below you will find different websites to support your child’s learning if they are self isolating at home. 


We have started to teach phonics in class and over the coming weeks and months the children will slowly begin to read and write. Below is a link to the phonics scheme we teach in school.